What Global Recession? Sony Says October Was Great!

"It's that time of the month when the big three console manufacturers strut their stuff and spin their sales figures. With October marking the start of the holiday gaming season, the latest report from Sony is truly delectable.

Some more hard data if you're wondering: $4.4 billion in revenue since January for the Playstation brand (an 18 percent increase), $1.7 billion in hardware revenue year-to-date (a 19 percent increase) and $2.2 billion in software revenue since January (a 23 percent increase)."


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JN4G233627d ago

Interesting piece about Sony; of course they will try to spin the numbers in their favor.

Capital G3626d ago

didnt they come in last again on npd?

my360burnedmyhouse3626d ago

its a trend it spiked because gears when you dont have any decent exclusives to play you will take what you can get if you are lost in the desert with nothing to drink and someone offers you toilet water your gonna drink it

ceedubya93626d ago

Well, if you can actually say that last month's 360 spike was due to Gears 2 (a November game), then it would be also safe to say that Resistance 2 and LBP (and almost November game) Did absolutely nothing to raise sales for the PS3 and it was a bad month. We can't say that in either case at this point.

If you want to be biased, then be biased my360. But don't spread garbage in the open zone. There were plenty of games to play on the 360, exclusive or not, and sales show that the gamers went out and bought plenty.

Besides, if that "spike" was due to the upcoming release of Gears 2, I'd hate to see what it would be like in November when the game ACTUALLY released.

3626d ago
Monchichi0253626d ago

Sony got trounced...plain and way to spin it. Imagine what the numbers are gonna look like in November with GoW 2 being released, with Left 4 Dead and the New Xbox experience!!! Top this off with November being the start of the shopping season and the 360 looking super attractive at the new price point!!! I'm guessing things are gonna get worse for Sony before they get better.

Dread3626d ago

you are right monchini

the 360 is poised to have a spectacular final quarter. That is undeniable. the Sony defense force and usual sackboys will do there best to spin the numbers.

The fact is that Sonys numbers are not bad at all. however, it is also true that those numbers ar not good enough to beat MS.

also, one cannot ignore the fact the Sony does have a killer line up. LBP, had some lunch problems but it would not surpirse me if it truns around once the word gets out.. dido for SOCOM.

Resistance is a power player, and lets not forget that Killzone is on the horizon (i have been hearing this since 2005, so lets see.)

All in all, I think MS will take the hardcore market again in 08, but 09 might be a different story.

be gamers not haters


Gun_Senshi3626d ago

Resistance 2 ain't even out in Europe dumbtwits

acedoh3626d ago

This is SONY's way of addressing stockholders. Stockholders who really don't care about console wars. They only care about bottom line. If SONY is doing better then that is good news for them. That means the stock will probably gain value. Although I hope they really do care about the console war and lower the price for the consumer.

SL1M DADDY3626d ago

Investors are interested in the product their money is invested in and could care less if some other console sells more if at least their console investments are gaining. This is spin but it's spin that shows the good side to those interested in the investment.

At least it's not the same spin we heard from one of the other companies when they claimed there was a shortage of consoles due to manufacturing issues and resulted in lower sales...

Genesis53626d ago

You people only look at PS3 sales. Sony sees over half a million units sold of the Playstation brand. They still generate revenue off their combined sales. So of course they are happy.

callahan093626d ago

OK, seriously, enough with the barbs about how it's not good enough and Sony isn't/can't/won't beat Microsoft. I don't even care, because I'm enjoying some ridiculously fun games on my PS3 and that's all that matters. My purchase has been justified 100 times over.

Bathyj3626d ago

OK, seriously this bashing is just getting to immature. You tools dont even know what you're hating on anymore.

You're just upset because PS3 came 3rd on NPD (big surprise with an XB pricecut, and even one who wants a PS3 most likely waiting for a LBP or Resistance Bundle), but Sony are sitting around crying about it, they're looking at the big picture as usuall. Do you see what fkn children you are, You mad, that they're not mad. Jeeze.

The bottomline is they're doing better in every area then last year (which they won) and thats how they gauge their success. They're going forward, not backwards. Plus Braniacs, you've only just caught up to PS3 for sales for the year in the US, you home ground, where you never though they would even get close.

Now here's the tricky bit, so I'll explain it slowly for the less gifted among you. If XB and PS3 are almost even in the US, then unless you think XB beat PS3 in Japan and Europe then PS3 is still winning the year world wide.

And that doesn't even matter anyway. I only mention it because since you only seem to care about numbers, I'm hoping you choke on them. Sony have their own goal. Its simple. If they sell 10M PS3's which theyt look like doing easy, they they are where they want to be. As long as they're there I dont think they care what M$, or you think.

morganfell3626d ago

Remember, Sony only finished last in sales of a single most recent console - the PS3.

Overall Sony is sitting in second place behind Nintendo when it comes to Market share. Microsoft is dead last. Also as Americans, here is something to get over - the US isn't the largest gaming territory. The largest territory - you know, larger sales base - is Europe, and the PS3 beat the 360 there.

The reality is MS beat out Sony on sales of a single console compared head but only in the second largest territory. Sony beat MS in the largest territory on head to head sales of a single console and they beat MS easily in overall Market Share.

CEO OF N4G3626d ago

Sony had a crap month... :/

Tht truth is LBP did not have much of an impact every one tought it would.It should get the type of sales gears2 got but it did not.This november will be very intresting because gears2 and £199 xbox 360 its a very sweet deal u cannot let go.I got a ps3 but im buying one of the gears2 bundles they are doing in my local game store.

Raoh3626d ago

I think what Capital G, a closet PS3 fan, who has expressed numerous times how he really likes the ps3 and strongly supports it.

waht Capital G really wants to say to everyone is that for the year of 2008 the PS3 has been dominating the sales charts. And i have to agree with him.

i know he would want you to know that the 360 has outsold the ps3 in two instances. Once in the beginning of the year and again recently with a dramatic price drop.

I think Capital G was quite clever to hint at the fact that the ps3 not only shows dominance abroad but that in the united states throughout the year month to month the ps3 sales have been relatively great and ahead of the ps3 despite the fact that it is more expensive.

Aside from the economic stress this year, i think, nay we all know sony will deliver great games and experiences as well as a price drop in 2009 showing the SONY Fans of it's brand and franchises, fans like Capital G of the PS3 that he the gamer is in their thoughts.

everyone lets show our appreciation for Capital G a true Sony fan at heart.

Monchichi0253626d ago

so much spinning going on in this board it's making me dizzy!!

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Viewtiful3627d ago

hahaha It's always funny to see how horribly game companies manage to spin bad news. Granted they're doing better, but that's more than likely a product of the amount of PS3s on shelves rather than an indication they're doing anything right.

ceedubya93626d ago

They are mainting their PS2 and PSP business rather well while still trying to grow the PS3 market. They're not doing to bad, despite the competition.

Sarcasm3626d ago

Yeah the PS3 got curb-stomped by the 360 in October.

But nobody's to blame but themselves. Delaying LBP was a big no no, and SOCOM's horrible launch didn't help it either.

What's still terrifying though is the Wii sales. 800,000!?!?!?! That's 3 months worth of sales of the 360 and almost half a year of PS3 sales!

Anon19743626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Revenue is up. Sales are up. Sony's making more money - user base is growing. What's bad about this news?

Now look at Microsoft's news. Yes, they came out on top for two months in a row now in the PS3 vs 360 sales race. Are sales up? Acutally, no. Even with the price cut sales are down -35% from last year at this time. But revenue is up, right? Acutally, no again. Microsoft's Game division's revenue is down and MS themselves expect no growth for the rest of fiscal 2009.

So, considering this is a business...which company do you think is having more board room meetings to discuss their future outlook? Sony, who's games revenues are up and who's long term strategy seems well on track or Microsoft who lost 4 billion last gen and has lost 3 billion this gen, is dealing with zero revenue growth and who's games division most likely won't even break even before the next gen starts. No wonder Microsoft is looking at the Wii's strategy and openly discussing their next console will be a cheaper, digital distribution hub. They won't support a losing business forever. Just look at how quickly they dumped the original Xbox, or their Web TV. Or Windows ME. Or the debacle that is the Zune. And tablet PC's.

italianbreadman3627d ago

Gaming is the eternal industry

ahnonamis3627d ago

I can't help but wonder if the big spike in sales (across all platforms) since the economy started to tank can be the result of the gaming equivalent of comfort food. I know a few people who really do NOT have the money to be buying new games still buying new ones, because it gives them something to do while they look for jobs, or complain about how awful their bills are.

Yay for escapism!

acedoh3626d ago

In a slowing economy. With the higher fuel prices and job losses, people are more willing to spend money doing stuff at home. That is where gaming comes in. Spending money on a videogame rather than going out to eat has become a trend lately. I expect the videogame industry to do very well this holiday season.

ihaten4glol3627d ago

No matter what happens, I think people are still going to focus on entertainment before a lot of other areas in their lives.

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