Concerned Over Rough Holiday Season, Take-Two Looks To New Biz Models

Amid prevailing economic concerns, Take-Two plans to explore multiplayer gaming, subscription models and microtransactions further.

"I notice the market is only down about 5 points today," said Take-Two Board chairman Strauss Zelnick, taking an optimistic tone as he talked at BMO Capital Markets' annual Interactive Entertainment Conference today.

Optimism aside, Zelnick conceded that the crucial holiday season is still up in the air -- "it doesn't look very promising," he said. But he hopes that aiming for a basis in fewer, higher-quality titles rooted in owned IP will lay he foundation for the company's expansion into alternative business models.

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ElementX3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Don't worry Take-Two, us 360 owners will buy your games.

Pennywise3625d ago

Don't worry Take-Two, us 360 owners will PIRATE your games. /fixed

Anon19743625d ago

Standard and Poors is now recommending what I've been saying for over a year now. ABANDON SHIP! Women and children first! Please proceed to the exits in an orderly fashion.

You can't spend yourself to the brink of bankruptcy every single year and then expect Grand Theft Auto to bail you out every time. Despite the fact the new board promised to reign in spending, they haven't. Take Two's spending has grown, after the new board gave themselves all raises and bonused the company that hired them all they still haven't brought down spending like they promised. I'm afraid Take Two is doomed, my friends. Any guesses as to who will pick up the pieces?