Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle Comes to PS4 on February 18, 2020

Get a look at the physical SteelBook bundle featuring new cover art for both games.

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mrmikew2018405d ago

I really hope Bayonetta 2 comes over to other platforms.

Neonridr405d ago

it won't. Nintendo funded Bayo 2 and 3, so highly unlikely.

darthv72405d ago

Its getting a steelbook too. Cant wait.

PlayableGamez-405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Bayonetta 2 is not coming to other platforms.
It was a Nintendo back project just like Death Stranding on PlayStation.

Neonridr you state facts but get disagrees. Classic N4G.

SamPao405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

@PlayableGamez @Neonridr So was heavy rain and Beyond two souls, so was Journey, so where dozends of other projects. the possibility of them coming over is still there.

-Foxtrot405d ago

Seems odd to release the first one again on other consoles when you can’t play the sequels unless you switch over to another console

MetroidFREAK21405d ago

Y'all need to get over the fact Bayo 2 and 3 are Nintendo exclusives... They funded the projects, it's time to stop asking for it

Bronxs15405d ago

To every one day bayo2 will never be on another platform because Nintendo published it. I think there may be a small chance Xbox can get it since they have a good working relationship with Nintendo putting some games on switch like cup head and ori. And Nintendo letting Xbox live on switch. If it benefits them in anyway they can probably do it. Maybe just waiting for a timed exclusive period to end. It may come to PS4 as well. Like resident evil in the day was GameCube exclusive now look at it! Never say never!

neutralgamer1992404d ago (Edited 404d ago )


What does that mean? Sega still owns the IP and these are never lifetime deals. I think both will come to ps4/Xbox one within next 12/24 months


Yeah Nintendo needed the software support so they funded it but sega still has final say since they own the IP

AspiringProGenji404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Oh look the people that port beg P5 are against bayo 2 port on other consoles

gamer7804404d ago

everything ends up on PC eventually, whether officially or unofficially...

Muzikguy404d ago


Why would "delusional PS fanboys" want a game to go to Xbox? Maybe people just want to see it on another console and are just expressing that. It's nothing delusional. You sound like you've got some deep seeded hate going on. Don't threaten to leave just do it. For yourself.

rainslacker404d ago

It's possible, but Sega would have to pay to have it done. Nintendo paid for the rights, and getting back those rights isn't usually free. I doubt Sega has that much interest in doing anything like that considering how they seem to disregard these franchises unless others just want to license them.

Saranya404d ago

go and get Nintendo Switch.

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Muzikguy404d ago

I'd like to get this as I have not played Vanquish but I have far too many games to play

georeo405d ago

Hahaha I can see you in my head saying it like that lol.

Blu3_Berry405d ago

I suggest that everybody play these two gems.

PlayableGamez-405d ago

No Switch, no interest. -___-

mrmikew2018405d ago

Well Bayonetta is already available on switch.

Muzikguy404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

I didn't even finish Bayonetta when it was out on PS3. I should have as I doubt I'll get the time to do it anymore. It was a fun game though

locomorales405d ago

This kind of behavior on gaming sites is so 2010. This fashion has passed friend.

PlayableGamez-405d ago

I want it for the portability factor.

Sgt_Slaughter405d ago

Are you kidding? It still happens on here for all fanboys, PS4 included.

Muzikguy404d ago

So you're mad that people would like to see 2 & 3 on another system, but aren't complaining about it, while you ARE complaining because a game isn't on Switch? Hmmm....

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