Pokémon’s Game Freak removes model firm Creatures from list of partners

Franchise co-owner disappears from website following controversy over 3D model reuse.

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JokerBoy422658d ago

I thought they said they didnt reuse the models... uh oh, caught em in a lie!

Sono421658d ago

We've known this since before launch, but i'm just glad there are actually going to be consequences for their actions, but Creatures aren't the only ones at fault here, the entire game is lazy and rushed, you can't blame all of that on Creatures, GameFreak is just as guilty as Creatures. It's time for someone else to make the main Pokemon games, leave the remakes and spin offs to Gamefreak.

OR everyone could just start playing Temtem instead

RpgSama658d ago

I agree, lets not pretend that gamefreak didn't knew full well that they were reusing the same models and animations, they just didn't care because they've gotten used to basically make the same game every single time and reap the rewards, now in an actual console they couldn't hide it behind the fact that they were developing the game in less powerfull hardware like a handheld 3ds.

Chriswynnetbh657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

I don't know why it took so long for me to hear about Temtem but it looks dope. PC Pokémon clone with online MP that doesn't have to rely on ancient Nintendo tech. Sounds amazing.

Tross657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

I missed the boat on the Temtem alpha, but I look forward to when it releases, along with Monster Crown, Coromon, etc. I plan on supporting all the Pokémon-like indie efforts when they finally release as they seem to have the kind of passion behind them that we can’t expect from the Pokémon Company and Game Freak anymore.

djplonker658d ago


"they've gotten used to basically make the same game every single time"

Don't forget they also make and sell the same game twice.....

execution17658d ago

And you have people defending the game like there's nothing wrong with bad graphics, lack of story, no voice overs for cutscenes, and mostly bad animations

RpgSama657d ago

That's SO true, they make 1 half assed game lacking content and then sell it to you 2 times with just limited changes from one version to the other, actually even worse, they just split the limited content between the 2.

AND then release a third United edition, it's just shameful, only Nintendo gets away with stuff like this, if it were any other developer we would rightfully never hear the end of the complains.

Elronza657d ago

Wow after those of us whom rightfully called out Gamefreak were attacked relentlessly and called wanting too much by blind fans for not accepting this subpar game, it's now proven beyond a doubt we were right.

Tross657d ago

Most of the blind fans I interacted with were downright jerks to me too, so screw ‘em. Hats off to the one defender I talked to who seemed like a decent and mature human being, but the rest are entitled to a certain hand gesture.

Tross657d ago

The truth is, Game Freak came to the same realization that Disney did: that they can stop trying and still rake in billions. That’s why Sword and Shield aren’t all that they could have been.

Bruh657d ago

Pray Nintendo bought them and absorbed them, as Nintendo being the majority of the shareholders of the Pokemon IP would mean they would actually get those bums at Game Freak to actually put out good work