Left 4 Dead Demo Underwhelming

It seems no matter which website you go to, they all shower praise on the latest game by Valve entitled Left 4 Dead. As a zombie-and video game enthusiast-I assumed this would become one of my favorite games. It sounded like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, I came away from the demo very underwhelmed.

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ThatCanadianGuy3623d ago

I wasn't impressed.I'll get it on PC where it has a chance to be decent.

JimmyJames703623d ago

I wasn't either. After reading several glowing reviews, I finally downloaded the demo and played it, and was like, what was that?

I guess I need to try the multiplayer...?

PirateThom3623d ago

The game might as well not have a single player.

It's made for co-op.

I still don't like it though, mostly for that reason.

MrWeymes3623d ago

In my opinon, if Left 4 Dead had a truly enjoyable single player campaign that had more of a cinematic flare to it, as well as the multiplayer, it would be a much more enjoyable game. It feels like half of a game to me.

Rhoic3622d ago

Really now? Underwhelming? Obviously it wasn't.. because you're getting it confused with a FULL GAME.

"It feels like half of a game to me." -Fail much?

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fufotrufo3623d ago



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JonahFalcon3623d ago

Yeah, some dumbass blog by someone who hates PC/360.

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MrWeymes3623d ago

Actually, I enjoy most of the exclusives on my Xbox 360. If I thought that the Left 4 Dead demo was great, then I would have said so. My opinion wouldn't have been different if it were a PS3 exclusive.

thor3623d ago

I found it underwhelming too. It's not about being a fanboy at all. I don't know why people automatically assume this. I have never understood the rather extreme hype for this game, and after playing it, it seems quite shallow. I put my full impressions in the forum.

Hellgiver3623d ago

I disagree actually. I found the demo unbelievably enjoyable. I keep going back through it with random people online, and whenever I can enough friends together. I absolutely love it. I was mad when they pushed back the release day so much past Gears 2, since I had been following Left 4 Dead pretty closely, and I thought I'd never need to play another multiplayer game. The problem is Gears 2 isn't as great as I was hoping it would be. I can't see Left 4 Dead disappointing me if this demo is any indication of what I can expect.

Jack Bauer3623d ago

i found it to be very underwhelming and no fun, i cancelled my preorder after playing the demo.

JsonHenry3623d ago

Good thing I can form my own opinion without reading others first. I LOVE the demo and have already pre-purchased the game through STEAM.

Maybe he is a sissy boy and pees his pants when the hordes come after him? Or maybe he is just not a team player and this game punishes those who do not play as a team.

MrWeymes3623d ago

It's not my fault that I can't control my bladder. In all seriousness though, I like the way you have to rely on your team members.(you would know this if you read the article.) The multiple flaws just made the demo underwhelming in my opinion.

Alvadr3623d ago

I was also disappointed with the demo. Mainly the graphics :(

I can see it being a lot of fun with friends over XBLA but as a single player experience it didnt impress me at all. And after such a great opening movie!

cRaZyLeGs 933623d ago

L4D with friends=ROFLMAO!

poopface13623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

shooting the zombies with the shotgun is great. My pc isnt isnt even that good but it ran it great. dont think ill buy it but would get the PC version cause I dont have my 360 anymore.

But this game is going to be good on PC and xbox 360.

No Way3623d ago

I rather enjoyed the demo.. I couldn't imagine playing it in single player, though, so thankfully it's multiplayer.

I had a blast playin this game with a few friends. Try that sht on Expert, that is crazy..

killyourfm3622d ago

The game isn't fun as a single player experience because it's NOT MEANT TO BE PLAYED BY YOURSELF.

It's called "Left 4 Dead" which is a play on words, emphasizing the NUMBER 4, not the word "for".

It's a coop game. If coop isn't for you, don't bash it. Just move on.

Bodhi3622d ago

Have any of you played this game? Have any of you who actually played the game play it with friends? Have any of you who actually played the game play it with friends on Expert mode?

This game is meant for you to play with friends on Expert.

This game is the Multiplayer GotY 2008. I'm calling it now. What flaws are you guys really seeing here other then graphics? I'll list the great points about the game:

+ Easy, and good controls on the 360, even better on the PC
+ Godlike gameplay, it's not every game you have 20+ zombies sprinting at you
+ Great teamwork, great fun with friends, loads of laughs too
+ Awesome level design
+ Eerie and spooky music and sound effects
+ Film grain filter actually gives the game a movie feel
+ Good variety of weapons, and zombie Bosses
+ Future community and mods guaranteed
+ Versus mode, 4v4 Zombie vs Survivor mode
+ AI director makes infinite replayability a reality.
+ Smart AI, a Hunter that misses you will scurry away, same with Smokers, nothing ever gets stuck to any geometry on the map.

- Good graphics, not great, numbers of zombies on screen forgive the graphics
- Not enough levels in the demo

This game will get 9s all across the board and it deserves it. This is a Valve game, expect quality, expect massive community, expect support.

Someone please list flaws, I'm not looking hard enough am I? I'll slowly walk through every level this time, like all of you were.

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Tubby McNutsack3623d ago

Wasn't impressed either. As soon as I saw the graphics I deleted the demo from my hard drive.

JonahFalcon3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Um, yeah. Sure. Game won't look good on a 90mhz Pentium 1.

Everyone, meet the author of the blog post. (laugh)

narked3623d ago

game is great if u can run it on 16xQ AA. and everything max.

MrWeymes3623d ago

This article is about the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead. If it looks good on the PC, that's great, but irrelevant for Xbox 360 owners that don't play games on the PC.

No Way3623d ago

So, you based the entirety of the demo on just the graphics..? You suck. Haha.

Uh, well, that sucks for you.. You've prolly never experienced some of the good ol' classic games, eh?

Not all games with the best graphics are the best games available..

SixZeroFour3622d ago

W O W...damn graphic wh*res

honestly, if you seriously think that graphics is what make a great game then i feel sorry for you on all the great games that you would be missing out on

the gameplay was so fun with friends on expert, so many ROTFLMFAO moments...seriously

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mesh13623d ago


pwnsause3623d ago

how is it 360 exclusive if its on the PC? you comment failed hard like this F-14 tomcat crash

JonahFalcon3623d ago

Well, technically, PC versions are not console versions. Hence, console exclusive. (Otherwise, Sony's in big trouble having Microsoft OS on their Viao computers.)

However, the PS3 version will be coming out sometime in 2009, but not developed by Valve.

Tubby McNutsack3623d ago

360 = Platform
PC = Yes, I know it's hard for you to believe, but it's a platform too, hence, multi-platform.

Bodhi3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Exclusive = Games exclusive to a certain console or platform

Multiplatform = Games for all or most or more than one consoles (PC, 360, PS3, Wii)

Platform = Any platform on which you can play a game 360, PS3, Wii)

Console = A gaming system specifically made for gaming on a TV on a console (360, PS3, Wii)

Platform Exclusive = Games exclusive to only one platform (PC, 360, PS3, Wii)

Console Exclusive = Games exclusive to a certain console (360, PS3, Wii)

Left 4 Dead = Console exclusive (360), Multiplatform (PC, 360)

It's not really that hard of a concept, I'm sure most of you are considering the PC as a console which it is not.

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poos33623d ago

hey every 1look at this fool sony fan in th ecloset mr weymes haha he playe d ademo and says its not a full game what he does not know is that left for dead has 3 campaighns , co-op,muliplayer with up tp 16 ppl online humans vs infected so you can shoose to b a a zombie in mp if you want .therei just made all what he said in his crap comment vanish with fact

zag3623d ago

Hey every 1look at this fool, writing in empahish ang stpgf lep djkjaw.