The PlayStation 4’s Share button changed the way we play together

The button that remade gaming in its own image.

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mrmikew2018295d ago

It’s an awesome feature. Sony did a phenomenal job adding it.

stonecold3295d ago

hope they bring back share button fb again on ps4 again it a shame they got rid of it

Silly gameAr295d ago

Sony doesn't get enough credit for the share button or share play. I think Share play is one of the best features for a console ever.

Sm00thNinja295d ago

Not gonna lie.... I've probably only hit this button like 9 times. I miss you select button :(

Spurg295d ago

Same...and the fact that it only records 720p is nonsense.

Sm00thNinja295d ago

Yoire getting disagrees from people who cant actually argue facts but you're right. It's a nice feature if you were a youtuber? Or someone that frequently makes videos for entertainment so I understand who the audience is, but I've simply never needed to use it. It could have simply been a long TOUCHPAD press or a swipe direction. Give me back my select lol

Skate-AK295d ago

Buy a Pro and it is 1080p.

P_Bomb295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

The PS4 Pro (2016) captures screenshots up to 4K and videos in 1920x1080.

I love it and enjoy posting funny or cool shots to communities. Sharefactory’s great for composites and gifs. I have almost 60gb of captured pics/vids :0 . Not a streamer, but I do watch friends occasionally.

sampsonon294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

@Sm00thNinja i use it to show family and friends moments I've had in games where in the past you could only talk about it. kind of like " you should have seen the size of the fish i caught." but in this case you press a button, then send a link on Facebook or Twitter and the one that got away never does.

amazing feature for sure.
I've also used shareplay with friends and family like sports games and games they want to try before they decide to buy it or vice versa.

people always complain saying that having more options is a good thing, especially when they cry about cross play. so in that same regard shareplay is another options that adds and doesn't take away.

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Sm00thNinja295d ago

I honestly would just love if the integrated Playstation assistant rumored to be built into the PS5 will allow me to just SAY commands similar to the kinect but more accurate. Completely negate the need for a share button if I can just say commands

294d ago
Sm00thNinja294d ago

Clearly people are misunderstanding what I mean. PS5 has reportedly Playstation assistant built in. I'm saying just take voice commands HELL YOU HAD THEM ON PS4 if you use a headset. I just want to be able to say Playstation take a screenshot.

294d ago
Sm00thNinja294d ago

Seems like a waste of a button is all to me. Different strokes. Also kinect failed not as a audio recording device but as a gameplay device. Had it been just built in I dont think it would have performed as poorly. Microsoft made it a peripheral because it gave them the opportunity to jump ship if things went south which they did.

I'd love a SINGLE BUTTON I COULD ASSIGN an app to! Like make a button I cam assign netflix to. Or PSNow, or the Store. A SHORTCUT button. Just throwing an idea out

kingPoS294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

You can do this already with any connected mic. When you're at the main screen, just say playstation > whatever game or app > start.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Sm00thNinja293d ago

Kingpos yeah I know but who wants to connect a mic when the built in Playstation Assistant may allow me to do it regardless. Itll be interesting to see how Sony plans to roll out the assistant its be nice to have the mic built into the controller pic up commands

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rainslacker294d ago

I usually only hit it on accident in games that use the d-pad. Don't care to share anything myself. Don't like being taken out of the game, have no desire to stream to others, and don't need to upload my gaming "accomplishments" to the net.

Great that it's there for those who do, but I'd actually like to be able to disable the button for d-pad games.

Share play is a great feature though.

I don't mind the absence of the select button. A lot of that has moved to the touch pad, which is like a big ass button.

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DOMination-295d ago

I never used it, although I hope Microsoft adds it as then I would use it a lot more on another note though I do hope Sony adds a dedicated button for autofire toggle if they don't I fear the dualshock 5 may be the worst controller ever built apart from the Namco twist one for Ridge Racer.

gamer7804295d ago

Microsoft has had 2 separate dedicated buttons since launch, you just need the official chatpad which is really a must have for quick typing. Then you have a dedicated video record and screen shot buttons

Sm00thNinja295d ago

If you had a kinect that was one of the ONLY VIABLE USES. saying Xbox record that worked pretty flawlessly before they abandoned it.

pwnmaster3000295d ago

You never used it on your PS4, but if Microsoft had it you would use it more? Then I assume you just like the Xbox more and rarely play the ps4.

And worse controller? Dual shock is considered one of the best controllers. That’s why is still around.

Sm00thNinja295d ago

That fear of the dualshock 5 being the worst controller ever is so friggin unfounded .... I seriously hope you jest

rainslacker294d ago

Lack of auto fire would make it the worst controller ever? Is that sarcasm? Last, and only console I recall having standard autofire was the original TG-16.

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