9.0 Reviews Resistance 2

BigPete7978 of writes:

"I am not the biggest first person shooter fan. So for me to enjoy one it has to be pretty good overall. The recent first person shooters that I purchased were of course Resistance: Fall of Man and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Both were fantastic in their own right. The thing is I have always preferred third person over first person view, it's just a preference of mine. Also with all the great games coming out this season it's hard to distinguish which title is worthy and which aren't. Sure it is a great time to be a gamer, but it's also hurting our wallets. Resistance 2 picks up where Resistance: Fall of Man left off. You are once again in control of the main protagonist, Nathan Hale. The true question at hand though is whether or not Insomniac Games delievered this time around with the much anticipated sequel. Well before you read this entire review I will say this, yes they did, but in a different way. The game impresses in areas, and disappoints in others."

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