Nintendo shares Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 behind-the-scenes trailer images

Platform holder details creation of the reveal video.

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DaDrunkenJester294d ago

I really hope they focus less on shrines and more on fun dungeons with challenging puzzles and bosses.

_SilverHawk_294d ago

Hopefully they focus on graphics, animations, music, voiceovers, framerates, story and other things like games on other consoles. I'm not sure why normal gaming tech are often missing in a lot of Nintendo games and get overlooked by a lot of people.

TheRealTedCruz294d ago

Despite your subjective take on Zelda, still one of the most critically acclaimed, recognizable series in the medium. Switch is still selling amazing numbers of systems. *shrug*

DaDrunkenJester294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Graphics are fine as I wouldn't want a super realistic looking zelda. I like that it has an art design. It could use some better draw distance and more dense vegetation in the world, but hardware limits that.

I always thought that Zelda had great music, but voice over needs a big step in quality of they are going to bother with adding it.

OMNlPOTENT294d ago

Hey look it’s a toxic Sony fan.. never seen those before on this website.

EddieNX 294d ago

Go play Luigis Mansion 3 . Looks stunning

SyntheticForm294d ago

You think Days Gone is brilliant...

Neonridr294d ago

animations? They are fantastic in this game. Voiceovers considering that was a first for the Zelda series was fine. Music generally is fantastic, however in BOTW they went for a very minimal approach. But you can't tell me that Zelda games don't traditionally have awesome scores.

shauzy293d ago

i dont care about all that, i just want stable fps, that is it, that is my only wish, even if its exactly like breath of the wild 1, i dont care, i want stable FPS PEOPLE, STABLE FUCKING FPS, PEOPLE TEND TO HAVE BETTER PERFORMANCE ON A CERTAIN CONSOLE WITH TIME LIKE UNCHARTED, I ONLY HOPE, THEY DONT BECOME ARROGANT AS FUCK AND RELEASE THEIR FIRST PARTY TRIPLE A GAME WITH FPS DROPS

that was type while shift was held

293d ago
FernDiggidy293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Their cell-shaded approach is timeless. Just look at how good Windwaker still holds up today. F#ck off, this game is clearly not for you.

TK-66293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Many of the best games I've played this generation had outdated visuals, no voiceovers, and no fancy animations. They all had superb gameplay.

A game can be be terrible at numerous elements, but if it's gameplay is spectacular it can earn itself a huge reputation. Multiplayer games prove this time and time again and single player games can follow the exact same playbook. Meh soundtracks, meh visuals, meh story, meh animations, frame rate is iffy in areas.... All that can easily be overlooked if the gameplay hits a high bar. It's difficult to pull off, but definitely possible.

The same cannot be said for any of the other elements you listed. How bad is it that you don't list gameplay as an important element to focus on during development? I think it reveals your tastes are all about looks and not substance with games.

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loxim294d ago

Agreed, the first one had way to many shrines. I'm fine with like maybe 10 for big upgrades. But focus more on huge dungeons and complex puzzles. And since it is going to be more adult themed, give me some adult content.

porkChop294d ago

I dont mind shrines but I'd like a happy medium. Bigger than shrines, but smaller than the traditional dungeons so we can have more of them.

jjb1981294d ago

I want dungeons back, oh, and no more breakable weapons. That doesn't work with this game.

Larrysweet294d ago

Broken weapons sucks donkey balls

Neonridr294d ago

at least give us the option to repair stuff. Like a blacksmith or something.

rockwhynot294d ago

They should add a Fable 2 esque co-op feature. The way Lionhead Studios implemented that feature was flawless.

silenthillstrangler294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Can we please tone down the washed out hazy look this time and get rid of the rain climbing/slipping mechanic, also the breaking weapons bussiness, who thought that would be enjoyable to anyone? These are Annoying as all fuck.

Neonridr294d ago

I wouldn't mind the durability if we could have say a blacksmith in each town which would let us repair our weapons. Too often I didn't even want to use some of the more powerful weapons for fear of them breaking and then never getting to use them again.

Fraggle1987294d ago

Music in botw was terrible. Was hardly any in it to begin with. Needs to get much better fir the sequel.

fonger08294d ago

I’m a huge Zelda fan, and really loved Breathe of Wild... but I too thought the music was just either too subtle or non-existent. For a series that some amazing music, that was really big disappointment to me.

OzzY-waZZy293d ago

Agreed. Historically Zelda's had some of the best tracks but I can't think of any memorable score in BotW. Maybe initially when you step into the abandoned cathedral building.

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