The beauty of map reading in Hollow Knight

Finding your way won’t bug you

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Stanjara297d ago

I can't wait for Silksong!

MWH297d ago

Likewise. Hollow Knight was amazing in every way.

Fritzwochel297d ago

I thought Hollow Knight was the perfect game until I tried the white palace where it tries to be super meat boy. While the controls in Hollow Knight are good, they are not "pixel perfect good" like in SMB.

Fritzwochel297d ago

Oh yess! Day 1 purchase for me!

Stanjara297d ago

Oh man, a went through with that honey charm that gives you back soul. But yeah that was a challenge.

mandingo297d ago

Heard great things. I tried it out but it just wasn't for me which is ok.

Lilrizky297d ago

if it helps. I got a part way in and got really lost and basically stopped for a year. picked it up again and got absolutely hooked. it's a fantastic game.

mandingo296d ago

Ya i got pretty lost and knowing that i'm missing stuff frustrates me. Not used to the idea of having to buy the maps and reach benches to save areas on the map instead of just discovering it as you explore. Might give the game another chance tho.

Elda297d ago

Heard positive feedback about HK & I bought the game but I really couldn't get into it. Eventually one day when I get through my backlog of games I'll try it again.

Fritzwochel297d ago

It happened to me too. I bought it, tried it for 15 mins. Couldn't get into it. Waited a month and reluctantly gave it another shot. Then I got hooked.

MWH297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

lol it happened to me. it's one of those games that you have to give it before it gives you and once you do, it will grab you and leave you wanting.

my friend had the same issue within few minutes into the game, unfortunately I couldn't convince him to press on a bit longer.

if you're into this genre, don't miss out.

297d ago