The Game Awards 2019 Features 15 New Game Reveals

The Game Awards presenter & producer Geoff Keighley said recently on Twitter that there were about 15 new game reveals planned for the show.

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Segata288d ago

I just want a Bayo 3 trailer.

Shiken287d ago

Why the disagrees. More info on Bayo 3 would be amazing!

coolbeans288d ago

Well, he said "about 10" which suggested they could've still been scouring for content to fill specific time slots.

sprinterboy288d ago

I get that, but the article says Geoff tweeted 15 games when he tweeted 10.

porkChop287d ago

Did you not watch the Twitter video response in the article? He said around 15.

Spenok287d ago

This is exactly what I thought... and like 2 days ago as well.

Smokehouse287d ago

He said 10 that nobody knows about. There are probably 15 new trailers and 10 of them are brand new never announced games.

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UltraNova287d ago

If rumours are true and they are working on another Batman game and not a Superman one I'll be disappointed. Not that I dont like their Batman games, they are great but we need a break from Batman and its about time we got a Rocksteady Superman game!

AnubisG288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

Yeah, and out of that probably 10 is indie games. 4 is just a new trailer for games we already know about and maybe 1 we don't.

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The story is too old to be commented.