Sony's Playstation 3 has been outsold by Nintendo Switch in Japan

With the release of this weeks Japanese sales data, another Nintendo Switch milestone has been reached. Sony's Playstation 3 sold approximately 10.25 million units during its lifetime on the market, and Switch has now officially sold 10.43 million total units. The Switch is undoubtedly a sales beast for Nintendo, and the holidays are just around the corner!

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gangsta_red564d ago

Congrats Nintendo! I'm starting to see a lot of people on my side of the bay with Switches. Especially when on the Bart train here.

PlayableGamez-564d ago

Love your posts man. Keep up the great work!!

uncharted56564d ago

Yeah keep circle jerking each other!

naruga564d ago

2 games are enough in japan to outsold any console even if these are mediocre ...and these are mario and Zelda...ahhh and i forgot the only-for-infants game Pokemon

King_Noctis564d ago

“ only-for-infants game Pokemon”

I guess millions of Switch owners that bought the game are infant to you then.

KeenBean345564d ago

When I visited Japan back in June I can't count how many switch systems I saw on the train. I see a fair few on my commute to London too which is great to see and huge for Nintendo going forward

PlayableGamez-564d ago

The Switch is making the PlayStation brand irrelevant in Japan. ʕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ
Congrats Nintendo. You are turning PlayStation into Xbox in Japan.

Ceaser9857361564d ago

What a stupid comment.. FYI PS sells more than Xbox. I mean Xbox barely sells in Japan and PS does good business in Japan. So saying Switch making PS brand Irrelevant in Japan sounds STUPID.. Xbox is irrelevant in Japan not PS..

Wasabi563d ago


***"Xbox is irrelevant in Japan not PS.."***

At the moment, the Switch seems to be making everything else irrelevant in Japan.

Ceaser9857361563d ago

"The Nintendo Switch has now surpassed the lifetime sales of Sony's PlayStation 4 in Japan. New numbers from Famitsu (via show that the Switch has now sold 8.13 million consoles in Japan, which is slightly ahead of the 8.07 million PS4s sold in Japan" This is May 2019 result

So by now PS4 almost sold 9 mil in Japan... Switch should be 10 to 11 mil tops Thats not irrelevant .. How much did Xbox sell ??.


^ update from Nov 3 2019

So PS4 is NOT irrelevant in JAPAN... People needs to know the meaning before using the word ... Had the PS4 sales figure was around 5 mil to switch 10 mil + or probably around Xbox sales figure using the word Irrelevant sounds fine...

Immagaiden564d ago

Japan is still the country with the highest amount of PlayStation consoles sold behind only the United States. Idk how you can call that irrelevant unless you’re trying to troll

ScootaKuH563d ago

Oh man you gave me a good laugh. At least until I realised you was being serious.

Irrelevant? The only irrelevant thing here is your comment

Pancit_Canton564d ago

Playstation 3 outsold Nintendo switch globally.

PhoenixUp564d ago

Calm down this is just about sales in one territory

Also if you want to talk global stats then worldwide, Switch’s sales are tracking faster than PS3 in the same timeframe

Question_Mark564d ago

So? We’re only talking about Japan here. Stop trying to spin things just because you don’t like the news.

SierraGuy564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

He's trying to spin things?

Keep grasping at those straws and book your flight to Japan....and stay there.

564d ago
KeenBean345564d ago

I'd bloody hope so considering they produced it for 11 years and the switch has been out 3. Silly point

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jairusmonillas564d ago

Japan love handhelds over home consoles. I don't know why this is even worth calling news.

Sgt_Slaughter563d ago

Switch is a console that can be taken portably. Since it's a console, it can be compared to any other console sold. Not really difficult to see the logic or why it's news.

jairusmonillas563d ago

Switch is a handheld with hdmi output. lol

ScootaKuH563d ago

That's the marketing spiel yes, but come on be honest, first and foremost the Switch is a handheld.

Eltortugagames563d ago

Why didn’t vita kill it there then? Being a handheld is clearly not the only factor

DarXyde564d ago

I expected this, but that was remarkably fast.
Congrats on the continued success, Nintendo.

Sidebar: these comments are bloody pathetic. Really, the Xbox brats are like bullied kids cheering for someone beating up their bully because they could not do it themselves. You also have childish Playstation fans dismissing the success of Switch by being flagrant haters treating Mario and Zelda as mediocre games and saying Pokemon is for children when, in fact, some would say VIDEO GAMES are for children.

Please grow up. Switch did what PS3 did in a fraction of the time, and that's genuinely impressive. 10+M in Japan is nothing to scoff at, especially for a console. More than anything, it is a reflection of Nintendo knowing its audience and delivering a solid product.

danny818564d ago

That’s beyond impressive. I do think that both handheld base and console based coming together is helping. Basically 3DS fans. Crazy numbers.

Edgelordsupreme564d ago

Fanboys aren't even worth engaging with

Sgt_Slaughter563d ago


It has been hell sometimes here just admitting you enjoy Nintendo consoles/handhelds/games because of the rampant childish fanboys but it's funny watching the other console fans get insecure that the Switch is selling stupidly well.

Imalwaysright563d ago

Hell? The butthurt the Switch and games like Zelda, Mario and Pokemon have been causing around here is hilarious to me.

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