Gameloft sales up 48 percent

Mobile game developer posts another strong financial quarter, beating its forecasted figures.

Paris-based developer and publisher for mobile games Gameloft has reported that full-year sales have exceeded its target, rising 46 percent to 68.4 million euros (approx $89 million).

Mobile gaming accounted for 99 percent of the sales, with the remaining one percent coming from sales generated from, a Web site which the company sold off in June 2006 for 22.9 million euros ($29.7 million).

European sales made up the highest market share for the company during Q4 with 45 percent of turnover. North American sales were 39 percent, and the rest of the world--mostly Asia and Latin America--took the last 15 percent. Sales had evened out over the different regions compared to the 2005 percentage, which showed Europe taking 57 percent, North America 29 percent, and the rest of the world 13 percent.

Gameloft announced guidance sales for 2007 of between 90 to 100 million euros ($117-130 million), on the basis of a new release schedule of some 50 mobile games coming over the year.

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