Microsoft Rewards Program Can Give You Free Xbox Games and More

If you are a regular user of Microsoft’s app you can earn free games and we tell you how to do that here.

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TheHateTheyGive1637d ago

I jumped on this when i returned to xbox this past august, got 15 bucks so far using bing search, app and mobile app. As long as microsoft continues to pay me for browsing the net ill use bing.

Kribwalker1637d ago

yeah like the program. Bing isnt quite as good as google as a search engine, but i’ll take the rewards and if i don’t find what i’m searching for ill google it then.
But overall MS Rewards is great. Earn on all Xbox store/MS purchases which is great because i was gonna buy those games anyways, now i get money back

darthv721636d ago

I've been earning points for a few years now with bing. Most i had was 118k points but I used some for xbl deals and entries to contests. I'm currently at 30k so i'm 5k shy of 3 months of game pass. I figure I will ride out my $1 3 month and by then will have enough for another 3 months unless something else comes along to make me spend some.

Truplaya1637d ago

I use rewards to get my game pass ultimate.
Still not paid anything for it for the past year and it runs out March next year. I’ll rack up more points before then to keep the run going :)

drpepperdude1637d ago

I've used it to get Xbox live the past couple years but I think I'm retiring from online subscriptions. They seem like a waste of money when I can just play online games for free on my PC. I've probably pulled in a $100 from Microsoft rewards.

ShadowNextGen1637d ago

Try reading it and you'll find out. I'll give you a spoiler though...it is an article meant to help people who might not know about the program or know about it but have questions.

shiva11637d ago

Its applicable to less than quarter of the people on this planet. Microsoft having its presence in all continents but does not have this rewards programm in all places where its products are sold....funny

I wish they get it world wide soon than bringing it in 2050....

1637d ago
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PapaBop19m ago

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shinoff218321h ago

Been looking forward to this one. Bout to check on a physical release.


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