Why Does PS4 Copying Update Files Take So Long?

What is copying on PlayStation 4 and why is it so slow?

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Jin_Sakai603d ago

This is one thing I hate about PS4. That and the loud PS4 Pro cooling fan.

BrettAwesome602d ago

I cleaned mine. It made a huge difference

MrVux000602d ago

I cleaned mine, changed the thermal paste and added new thermal tape to the RAM and it still sounds like a jet engine.

It really comes down to what games you are running.

BrettAwesome602d ago

Well, min was insufferable until I cleaned it. Now it's noticably more quiet no matter what I play

P_Bomb602d ago

I’ve had my Pro for approx 3 months now. Still quiet as a mouse, knock on wood. Only spins up really when I first stick a disc in.

My OG was overheating and loud. Had to be opened up to get the dust off the grill and a fresh round of thermal paste. It would shut itself off from the heat. Since the fix, so far so good. Although I’ve quietly retired it to the kids’ room anyways.

Kornholic602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Cleaning the fans makes a minimal difference that is barely noticeable.

sampsonon602d ago

same here. also added thermal paste and it runs smooth without the jet sound.
only time i gets loud is if it's a graphically intensive game. but only a few, and not all the time.

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Mithan602d ago

I keep hearing that, mine is not loud at all. Launch day ps4 pro.

andibandit602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

I have 2 ps4s, one of them is like a turbine, despite cleaning and rinsing off old thermal paste and applying new.

MajorLazer602d ago

Modern Warfare and GT Sport are hefty 100GB+ files so copying takes an eternity for me when updating.

ssmilloy36602d ago

at the end of the cycle...... why ask this question now? move on much?

xxShadow-Shockxx602d ago

Mine was crazy loud to where people were hearing it over my mic, it was in my entertainment center, i moved it to the top of my entertainment center where it is now in the open and now its very quiet, so id recommend giving it as much ventilation as possible

ramiuk1602d ago

sometimes my ps4 pro fan is so loud i cant hear tv or talk on seems to do it more in menus which i find odd even when its been cleaned it still does it.
playing rocket league i used to think it was gonna take off ,infact never did it until rocket league and it does it alot since

DafunkyRebel601d ago

Especially when I’m playing days gone, that shit sounded like it was helicopter taking refugees out of Saigon

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Majin-vegeta603d ago

Putting the ps4 in rest mode speeds up the process

Jin_Sakai602d ago

You shouldn’t have to use rest mode to download games faster or speed up copying. Hopefully all these issues will be eliminated with PS5.

Mithan602d ago

You actually got down voted for that, which proves again that the internet is stupid.

What people disagree with you? They think you SHOULD have to put the console on rest mode to do this? Omg.

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ziggurcat602d ago

One thing I wish it wouldn't do is wipe out your folders when you go through the database rebuilding process.

SierraGuy602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

This just happened to me yesterday after update 1.11 Modern Warfare...shows map packs "installed" but they were wiped.

Had to redownload 30-40GB.

PS...restoring licenses does nothing.

Just read on Reddit if you rebuild w external drive plugged in it may backup your app.db file to external storage causing the issue. 😥

ziggurcat602d ago

"Just read on Reddit if you rebuild w external drive plugged in it may backup your app.db file to external storage causing the issue."

That would explain it, then. I think next time, I will unplug the external HDD before running that rebuild process.

TheGamez100602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Steam does the same doesnt it? When you first download a game, it will reserve space in your drive and then wont download for awhile because its probably doing the same thing copying files. Then later on itll download normally. Always happens to me for huge downloads. It is quite long and annoying on ps4 though.

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