It took two decades for PlayStation’s best JRPG series to find itself

How Persona evolved from a niche spinoff to a mega-hit.

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gangsta_red356d ago

Would love to see these Persona games come out more frequently.

PhoenixUp356d ago

As if Atlus didn’t already release as many Persona games as their other series

Fist4achin356d ago

It would be cool to have 1-3 come out as remasters...

Masterchief_thegoat356d ago

1-4 would be in even better for PS4/PS5

ifrit_caress356d ago

Atlus makes sum of the best RPG's.

Fraggle1987356d ago

I love persona but a mega hit it u
Is not. Also final fantasy is playstations greatest jrpg series. The impact of ff7 for playstation alone dwarfs every other jrpg ever made.

BlaqMagiq1356d ago

P3F and P4G should be remastered for PS4/PS5.