Minecraft is still the biggest game on YouTube by tens of billions of views

Fortnite may have dominated gaming conversations in 2019, but there’s one game that remained king on YouTube: Minecraft.

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CaptainCook242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Microsoft made billions after they acquired Mojang. Great Buy.

CorndogBurglar242d ago

Minecraft is a timeless game that will always be a big money maker. It caters to small children and adults alike. And it does it with oldschool graphics and players using their imagination.

Minecraft isn't going anywhere for a very long time.

rainslacker242d ago

It's one of those oddly addictive games which has a lot of depth, but is still pretty simple to use.

I dont think MC needs to go anywhere.

Imortus_san242d ago

"Minecraft has officially sold 176 million copies worldwide and has 200 million registered users in its free Chinese release as the sandbox title reaches its tenth anniversary." - Outstanding.