4 Reasons Why You Should Play Life Is Strange 2 Now

Greysun writes: "All of the episodes of Life is Strange 2 are finally out and now is the best time to jump into Dontnods episodic adventure game."

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sushimama330d ago

The game is pure garbage. I loved the first one, but this... this is absolute garbage? Boring and bland. Sleep inducing character dialogue.

greysun123330d ago

It’s not bland at all. But I can agree that some of the dialogue is a bit stilted

sushimama330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

It's agenda driven garbage (and the writing suffers because of it) with the most annoying characters ever in Sean And Daniel. Every episode's opening 'wolf' story makes me cringe so hard that I pull a muscle in my neck. The game is 90% boring trash. If it was a TV show it would flop so hard on the writing alone. It's pure garbage.
Life Is Strange 1 was amazing. Before The Storm was pretty good too. Life Is Strange 2? Terrible

greysun123329d ago

I just finished ep 5 and it’s definitely not crap