The Game Awards Will Reveal "Around 10 new Games/Projects;" Resident Evil 3 Will Not Appear

Today The Game Awards Host Geoff Keighley held an AMA on Reddit, and he had interesting details to share about what you can expect from the show.

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PlayableGamez-321d ago

I had a gut feeling that the leak wasn't real.

Abriael321d ago

If you mean the Resi 3 leak, it could very well be real, but the game may simply not be announced at TGA.

PlayableGamez-321d ago

Well what other major gaming event besides the Game Awards where RE3R would be announced at? They said the images leaked from PSN so I am assuming they are preparing to reveal the game relatively soon but it's not going to be at the Game Awards. So when and where? Those images did come off a bit fan made to me. As of now, I think the leaks are fake but I do believe RE3R is in the making.

monkey602321d ago

There's actually a lot of people expecting Resi 3 to show up in a State of Play Sony may have let the cat out of the bag on for their 25th Anniversary

Abriael321d ago

@PlayableGamez-: It doesn't need to be an event. Developers do make announcements on their own quite often.

The site that had those images simply directly rips them off the PlayStation Store's archives.

TGGJustin321d ago

I mean it's doubtful that it was fake. It came from a site that tracks things that get added to the PlayStation Store. Zhuge on Twitter said it would likely be shown at another event. My guess is there is a State of Play sometime in the next week it will show up at.

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Tross321d ago

Waiting to officially announce a game doesn't necessarily mean it isn't real, just that the time isn't quite right to announce it for any number of reasons.

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XVision84321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Hopefully the leak about horizon coming to PC is real and one of the announcements.

He said nothing about the show has been leaked but I'm still holding out hope lol.

HeisenbergX321d ago

I just don't understand how can people actually believe that a game from a first party owned studio by Sony could ever come to other platforms.. through PS Now yeah definitely and maybe that was what the ''leak'' was about.

King_Noctis321d ago

I think there is a really small chance that it will happen, but this article came up way back in August:

“ Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) boss Shawn Layden yesterday alluded to the possibility that first-party PlayStation titles may soon launch on PC. ”

XVision84321d ago

Horizon on PS4 is incredibly cheap. Bringing it over to PC would allow them to get extra money (can sell it at a higher price) and entice players to buy a PS5 for Horizon 2.

Time changes many things, I believe it's ignorant to assume we know how something will always be.

I_am_Batman321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

I don't understand why it's so hard to believe that Sony might have a financial interest in releasing some of their first party games on other platforms. The costs to develop AAA games is constantly increasing while console sales are more likely to decrease going forward. Game streaming might not attract many gamers now but in the next 5-10 years it'll certainly take some percentage of the marketshare even if hardcore gamers will prefer local hardware.

The major profit is made with game sales not console sales. I'm not saying that Sony will start to release all of their 1st party titles on other platforms day-and-date, but I could see them experimenting with older games like Horizon and see if it gets them a good financial return. As long as they still keep some heavy hitters exclusive it shouldn't affect console sales while providing additional profit to reinvest in game development.

Abriael321d ago

That's not a "leak"

That's a YouTuber with no track record running his mouth lol.

XVision84321d ago

I saw a few articles on it and iirc there was more than one person. I agree it isn't anywhere close to being a reliable rumour, but as I said, I'm still holding out hope.

If it doesn't happen, I'll just get it on my PS4.

Abriael321d ago

@XVision84: Those "few articles" all took it from that same Russian YouTuber.

XVision84320d ago


Well there goes my hope :(. Thanks for letting me know, lol.

spicelicka321d ago

Don't think I'll be watching this time. All conferences and awards I've watched live in the last couple of years have been underwhelming.

Zeldafan64321d ago

Nintendo will have some surprises which is all I need to watch.

xenz321d ago

Neat. Looking most forward to seeing more of Half-Life: Alyx. :)

CaptainHenry916321d ago

Anything new from Microsoft?

Ricegum321d ago

Everyone knows the answer to that.

King_Noctis321d ago

They just had the XO19 event where they announced a couple of new games. What else can they announce in the short duration between their own show and VGA?

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Atom666321d ago

New trailers for Gears Tactics and Ori were announced to be there.

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