Devil May Cry Hack-And-Slash Mobile Game Gets Slick Gameplay Trailer

Mobile action game Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is getting a 2020 test — but us Westerners may not get our hands on it anytime soon.

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ApocalypseShadow732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

I wonder if this used to be what the PSP or Vita game was supposed to be?

BoredDemon732d ago

Now I want to see a real DMC3 remake :3

autobotdan732d ago

I dont need this mobile game. I am good with Devil May Cry V on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ using my Project X Cloud app. I have literally been playing Devil May Cry V on my cell phone at work on my lunch hours. Thank you Microsoft

JokerBoy422732d ago

So this is why all the DMC5 DLC got canceled... awesome...

mixelon731d ago

Doubtful. Different studio.

deadfrag731d ago

This is very bad for the brand!Screwing the lore!