There is now a version of AC: Origins without Denuvo and VMProtect that only pirates can enjoy

DSOGaming writes: "A game cracking group was able to completely remove Denuvo anti VMProtect from the previous entry in the Assassin's Creed series, Assassin's Creed: Origins."

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Psychotica598d ago

Would love to see the original developers release a copy of this pirated version that spies on the user to identify them so they can be sued.

bikar598d ago

I would love to see real paid version without DRM

Lon3wolf598d ago

I would say Croteam came up with the best thing for pirates .

Krew_92598d ago

The pink scorpion haunts me to this day. Sadly even using cheats triggers the DRM scorpion though.

SickSinceSix598d ago

Once a game's cracked, the drm only harms paying customers. They should patch it out now.

MWH598d ago

Confirmed faster loading time. To hell with DRM, this is why most of the games i play are from GOG.