Microsoft: Nearly 25m 360s Installed

At the BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference on Thursday, Microsoft said it expects to hit a notable milestone with the Xbox 360.

"By the end of this month, we expect our global installed base to reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox," said Mindy Mount, CFO of the firm's Entertainment & Devices Division.

She said that the milestone is still "only a start," as "more than three-quarters" of a console's sales occur when it drops to $199 or lower. Three current models of Xbox 360 range from the $199 base Arcade version to the $399 Elite version following an early September price drop.

Due to that drop, Microsoft said sales of Xbox 360 rose 42 percent month-on-month in the U.S., 62 percent in Europe and 500 percent in traditionally Xbox-averse Japan.

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BIoodmask3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Microsoft will have sold more 360s in roughly 75% of the amount of time they sold that many consoles for the original Xbox. Not bad for them being the new kid on the block.

gametheory3625d ago

It's ok for new kids' on the block for doing "just ok". However, Nintendo was once new kid on the block and did much better with the SNES than MS with their 360 on a significantly smaller market. Sega also did better than th 360 with their 2nd console, the Genesis, on a smaller market than it is today. Sony pwned everyone with their 1st and second consoles.

Microsoft is definitely doing better than they did with the first Xbox, but considering they have endless cash, hype and have been throwing dirt at their competition ever since this generation started, the 360 should be in the Wii's place, especially with that price point.

White-Sharingan3625d ago

new kids on the block?

its their second console

sure they arent veterans but not new kids on the block

Bathyj3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Umm shipped, not sold. You guys always have a problem with that.

You always looking for a concession for being the "New Kid" too. Since when does that have anything to do with anything.

Sony was the New Kid and sold well over 100M PSOne's. M$ is only ONE generation younger than Sony you know.

THAMMER13625d ago

Installed means sold. 24 million sold is a great achievement for XBOX360. Your problem is that it a positive achievement for the XBOX360. Please get over it already.

Bitter Tears3625d ago

Dude Bathyj just wipe those tears up man I'll explain it to you.

The 360 was at 20 million installed close to the start of the year WORLDWIDE.

The 360 now is rounding 25 million installed WORLDWIDE. It should be 27 million shipped by now.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise there, shhhhhh, it's okay, I'll cry with you.

Our PS3s are great for LBP and R2, shhhhh, that's right just shhhhhhh.


morganfell3625d ago

Yeah 25 mil. I have had 4 of them. And not because I wanted one in every bedroom.

THAMMER13625d ago

One for my daughter, Nephews, Lil Brother and me included.

Bubble Buddy3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

How many broken? :P. Kidding. Congrats on MS for doing well. Combine with Sony to kick Wii's as$

Genesis53625d ago

Thats funny because they were at 22 million this morning.

Bathyj3625d ago

Theres some disillusional Mo Fo's right here. But thats why I love you guys. When I stand next to you I sound really smart.

M$ NEVER gives SOLD numbers. Must we argue this every time? Shipped baby. Thats all they deal with, for the same reason you trim your pubic hair. To make it appear bigger than it is.

Do you really think if they SOLD 25M and therefore must have shipped about 27 or 28M, they wouldn't be crowing from the mountain tops about how they were nearly 30M consoles strong.

No, that doesn't sound like M$ does it? Just like when they overstocked every retail chain on Christmas 07 so their numbers would be huge, only it meant they had to cut shipments for the next 6 months because in was April, May before stores could clear all that excess stock.

The bottomline is PS3 has outsold XB world wide every year since it came out, so that precious lead you'se care about so much has done nothing but get smaller. Its basic maths and doesn't change. Only your perception of it through M$'s spin doctoring can change.

THAMMER13625d ago

Your are spinning out of controll. You need help.

Bladestar3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

base on your logic then Sony didn't accomplish anything with the PS2... because trust me.. most of us in this side had at least 3 PS2... I personally had 2 PS2 had the disc error on me... and then I wanted a slim one... so, I guess Sony only sold less than 50 Million PS2? which explains the super lower than xbox 360 game attach rate...
If you were smart you would notice the xbox 360 attach rate and how a game like Halo and Gears could sells so many copies compared to the xbox 360 installbase.. that shows that most xbox 360 owners do not own multiple consoles.... who knows genious... even if what you say about RROD is true... people don't simply buy a new one.. they send it for repairs... duhh it's free. Something that was not an option for the PS2.

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Bombomb3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

no kiddin and it took sony a while and didn't offer fixes or warranties

anything positive for ms turns into a spin--->super spin---super duper spin..

ms surpases the original xbox sales...ps3 fanboy "well nintendo did it better at one point"

gametheory3625d ago

"hey i went through 6 ps2's"

lol, I went through 20 Xbox 360s already because Microsoft refused to honor the warranty. See? I can also pull numbers out of my ass. Anyone who goes through that many consoles is a moron anyway, either for still putting up with it and not looking for an alternative OR for not knowing how to take care of a console. So whether you're a liar or mentally challenged or plain ignorant (or a combination of these), things don't look good for you. I feel sorry for anyone that actually thinks we'll believe anyone bought the same console over and over.

I owned a PS2 and never experienced any problems with it, hell not with any console until Xbox 360. I am actually on my 4th (now that's a fact), but Microsoft did honor the warranty, I didn't have to pay a damned cent and rightfully so, and nobody would be that retarded anyway. I don't believe a word of what bladestar says, he's a blind Microsoft lemming so there's no credibility in his words.

Anyway, you also say:

"ms surpases the original xbox sales...ps3 fanboy "well nintendo did it better at one point" "

Funny, I own all consoles if that's me who you're referring to, but anyway, you obviously missed the point. It's not just Nintendo that did better, it's Nintendo, Sega and Sony. All did better with their second consoles. In smaller markets. With less money. Microsoft is the most inefficient money spender in this world and everyone knows it, that's how they destroy the competition (which makes fanboys like bladestar and you horny). Just because these facts are unpleasant to you it doesn't mean they aren't true or that you have to be a fanboy to state them. Just because Microsoft did better than last time it doesn't mean they're actually doing good. Sony did better than last year but they're still doing abysmal considering the Wii is outselling them 2 to 1 LTD and this month it was 4 to 1.

And LOL @ how bladestar downplays the PS2 from 140 million to 50 million, talk about being delusional. He talks about attach rates without talking about piracy and mass markets, now that's denial. Can anyone get any more fanboyish? Yet they call me a fanboy for stating the facts that all other major competitors after Nintendo became the leader succeeded better than Microsoft did even though Microsoft has always had more advantages than pretty much everyone else.

morganfell3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Worlwide NPD? Please. Now you are just making crap up. Go cry those bitter tears at someone else. Sony took Europe from MS, took the world, and will take the US overall this year.

cherrypie3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

"Umm shipped, not sold."

NO. Can you read? It said;

"By the end of this month, we expect our global installed base to reach 25 million units"

Do you "install" unsold machines? This is *not* simply shipped, but **INSTALLED** (sold).

Nice try. I *really* like the way you people try and blatantly re-write news as it is presented to you. Can't you read?

"Yeah 25 mil. I have had 4 of them."

Thats a fcuking lie. These are *sold* units; you DIDNT buy 4 seperate Xbox 360s -- and, that number has nothing to do with warranty repairs.

HOWEVER, because SONY told me to go frakc myself when I had **3** PS2s fail, **MY** 3 failed PS2s are included in the 100M PS2 number.

MS took care of its problem with a $0 warranty repair -- and fixed the problem last summer.

BTW - I've marked your comment as OFF TOPIC -- we need a "fanboy troll" button here for comments like yours.

HWG3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Listen to gametheory... when I confronted him with data in a private message, he refused to answer me and blocked me. Anything as such he says, should be totally ignored... he obviously does not wish to have debates, he just wants to have his fanboy argument and feel better.

robep33625d ago

......INCLUDE people who on 360 sites who SAY that are on 2,3,4,5,6,..upto 11TH 360 for one guy due to RROD? so LETS CHOP AT LEAST
15-20% for those (should be more LIKE 25-30%) so more like 19-20m at best.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3625d ago

Doing ok is better than "old kids" or "old pro's" doing poorly.

Socom3625d ago

I think Steve Balmer should fire whoever there spokesperson is because those claims are RETARDED.

AAACE53625d ago

That comment sounded extremely stupid! The NES came out during a time when videogames were being considered a fad, and alot of investors were ready to pull the plug on the gaming industry.

Technically, the NES had no comeptition, and were free to make new rules for gaming! The NES is responsible for gaming still being around, and it deserves it's respect!

But nintendo had enough time to etch it's way into gamers hearts! Sony got popular during a time when people wanted something different, which they provided and pushed the industry foward!

MS' main focus was to make online gaming popular, which they have done, and have caused Sony and Nintendo to take seriously!

So MS should get at least a little bit of respect from all gamers... especially if you like being able to play online games with your favorite controller, in front of your TV!

Not to mention the fact that they could reach that many consoles sold, despite having all kinds of problems along the way, while competing against console legends like Sony and Nintendo!

I know alot of you may hate MS (for whatever reason), but you should give them a little respect! MS' main contribution to gaming is online play and HDD's, while Nintendo and Sony were content on us buying multiple memory cards, and didn't think online gaming on a console was that important!

I respect all 3 companies! 4 if you include Sega(they did a few things in their time). Nintendo saved gaming! Sony revolutionalized gaming! MS connected gamers! Sega was first with online gaming!

prowiew3625d ago

Just chill bathyj. And please, no need to insult others. That goes for everyone. Peace oout

No Way3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

It doesn't say that they sold 25m.. it says the expect to sale 25m, by the end of the year.

@BathyJ- Nobody cares.. Move along. And, please stop crying.. will ya? Grow up.

@gametheory - I myself went through 4 PS2's. And, my brother's together went through 7 of them. How's that so hard to believe? The PS2 had many problems.. I had one that had a disc read error, one stopped playing PS2 games(yea.. seriously), one that had it's own screen, the screen stopped working, and one that completely died..

The Matrix3625d ago

I'm getting a 360 this holiday to compliment my PS3. Why argue which console is better when you can have them both and buy the best games from both sides?

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Imallvol73626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

congrats MS, now if we could just get the 360 and ps3 selling better than the Wii so companies would stop making shovel ware and make great games . . . wait . . . what am I saying? I can't even afford the games I want this month! There are so many!!!

v1c1ous3625d ago

the leading console is always the one with the most crapstacular games (shovel ware).

unfortunately for wii, its specs have forced devs to go another route, which is the 360/ps3.

so in a way, the fact that wii is monopolizing the garbage games, it doesnt dilute the quality titles on gets to experience by owning a ps3/xbox 360.

so being a 360/ps3 only owner this gen isnt as bad as being a gamecube/xbox only owner like last gen, where all the good games were only on ps2.

Anon19743625d ago

Even though the 360 is now the cheapest console out there, that hasn't stopped the Wii from still doubling the 360's numbers over the last 2 months. I don't really know how much of an impact the price cut is going to have for the 360 in the long run.