GamesRadar: The Conduit Preview

GamesRadar writes: "Championed by many in the press as the prettiest game on Wii, The Conduit truly is the belle of the ball. Journos paw at her silky framerate. They ogle her depth of field. Little bits of their slobber fleck her real-time shadows, particle effects, bump mapping and hi-res textures. But they don't get to know her. We've deliberately held off covering The Conduit until we could get a proper hands-on impression, and while she's a gorgeous game, she ain't half dull to hang out with".

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Durffen3623d ago

"We may seem a bit down on The Conduit, but only because the image built up by other press is a disappointingly false one."

So, because your opinion is different from "other press", there opinion is a false one?

I'm mean, I have some high hopes for this game, and I've read nothing but great comments on both visuals and controls for this game from almost every site that has posted a hand-on impression. Maybe GR expected a little too much from the title.

I'm not trying to flam GamesRadar for the writer being a little disappointed from the game, but please try not to call other sites opinions "false".

SinnedNogara3619d ago

I still have high hopes for the game. I think the game will be amazing and as a matter of fact, I am pre-ordering it. I now want to lean how the online feature are going to work. I also hope they rename the main character. It isn't a big problem but I don't like the name Mr. Ford. I think they should rename it to something like, I don't know, Commander (cool name, cool name). That isn't a major problem but I hope they redo that later. Overall this game is awesome. All Seeing Eye!!!!