7 Classic Game Remakes We Want to See in 2020

BY FRANKLIN: When putting together a list of the best remakes and remasters for modern consoles, I started thinking about many the classic games that also deserve remakes. Some of the more popular games been re-released on digital platforms or ported without any updates to the original game, but a direct port is not as satiating as a remake. These games deserve to be remade from the ground up, or at the very least have a graphical refresh.

These are 7 classic game remakes that we want to see in 2020.

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AnubisG355d ago

There are a few I'd loke remade as well but there is 0 chance of it. For example Jurassic Park The Lost World on PS1. I loved that game. Also Tomb Raider 1-4, the 90's TR games.

sonicsidewinder355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

"For example Jurassic Park The Lost World on PS1."

God that game was hard. I was shit-scared of the Carnotaurus level as a kid haha. And the Velociraptor intro video! Class!

The soundtrack by Michael Giacchino is memorable to me also.

AnubisG355d ago

It sure was but I've been in love with Jurassic Park ever since the first movie released so this to kid I was back than was an amazing game and experience. Get to control the Velociraptor and T-rex? My mind was blown.

gangsta_red355d ago

I would rather Nintendo remake Zelda II or make the next Zelda in that same style. It was definitely very different from the rest of the Zelda's and it hasn't been done since that sequel. Remaking Zelda II on the Switch would be great.

Tetsujin355d ago

As usual the majority are Nintendo releases. Here's some Non-Nintendo remakes I want:

Fighters Megamix
Virtua Fighter series
GTA 3, VC, and SA
Sonic 2 and 3 with Knuckles
Streets of Rage series
Final Fight series
Hyper Street Fighter 2 Anniversary edition
Legend of Dragoon
Battle Arena Toshinden
Rival Schools
Capcom crossover fighters
Pac Man

micdagoat19355d ago

I was just looking for a copy of rival schools

Oywee355d ago

Agree!, HD Remasters of the classic Eidos Core Tomb Raider 1-4 are definitely on top of my list!
(Do you hear me,Square?)