TGH: Fallout 3 Review

TrueGameHeadz writes: ""Oblivion" with guns; those three words have been repeated across the vast ocean of the internet ever since Bethesda announced "Fallout 3." After beating the game, and working through my second play through, I am going to have to agree with those three words. The quick traveling, interface, and even the way you sleep are all elements borrowed from "Oblivion." However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the game is bad; on its' own, it's jammed with content that places heavy emphasis on exploration and morale decisions. It's just too bad that while the ideas of "Fallout 3" sound good on paper, a lot of it falls apart in the end due to bugs, and shoddy execution".

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jsoncip383628d ago

Thats kinda on the lower end of scores this game has been getting - but he makes completely valid points about the problems with the writing and stuff