PlayStation by the Numbers: October 2008

Alex Negron from Games On Smash quotes "PlayStation Enters the Holiday Season with Consistent Momentum; PS3 Sales Up 56% Year-Over-Year
The PlayStation Brand Generated $369 Million in October
PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3?) continued its positive momentum in October, with 190K hardware units sold, a 90% growth year-to-date. This represents an increase of 56% when compared to October 2007, during which SCEA introduced a price cut for PS3.

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Breakfast3652d ago

But avoid that you just got trounced, by a red ring.

happyface3652d ago

poor Sony

I feel bad for them, trying to pretend their sells aren't a disaster

ps3 is a good system, it doesn't deserve to be a flop

Gandhi693652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Agreed. I feel there has been over reaction to these numbers (as always) in two ways.

1: Ps3 fans not giving credit where credit is due. Yes, the ps3 got trounced in North America in October. No reason to deny it, Microsoft knew it didn't have the games to compete with ps3 this holiday season, so it gave the 360 an aggressive price cut, and heavily marketed the big games it did have coming out, way more than any Sony release, and it appears to have paid off for Microsoft in NA this holiday season, as Gears will be the biggest game this year and has stolen most of the press, and Xbox with it.

2. Xbox fans over reacting to the importance of outselling the ps3 this October. I'm not sure if many remember the end of 06, or all of 07, but the ps3 was more expensive, didn't have any games, and the Xbox had the ps3 on the ropes. More important than the 360 just outselling the ps3, the ps3 wasn't selling at all. Now, however, Sony has rebounded nicely, and has picked itself up and is fighting again, an impressive feat considering Sony really has no wiggle room on the price in an economy that is more price sensitive than usual. Also, as time goes on, Sony is always improving its abilities to deliver a quality online experience(which it needed the extra time to do).

-- All and all, The PS3 has re-established itself this generation and as thrown all talks of a console flop out the window. Coming out ahead of the 360 at the end of the generation is now a possibility, which was completely out of the question a year ago. However, finishing ahead the 360 is by no means likely, probably about a 40% chance at this point, but at least its more interesting.

-- And to all those worried about such things, just ask Gamecube or Xbox owners last gen, just because your console doesn't finish first, doesn't make the games any less fun to play!

Tony P3652d ago

Ghandi, you speak wisdom. Totally agree. Good points, all.

ultimolu3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Believe me Ghandi, I give credit where it's do. Sony is starting to make a profit. I'm not surprised by the 360 winning October because it's neck to neck in the U.S now. I'm also not surprised by the YTD either. But November and December are the last two months of the year.

I'm interested in what will happen.

lokiroo420: How can this be a newly written blog when it has plenty of entries?

lokiroo4203652d ago

Is it me or is this a newly written blog by someone who was offended by a fanboy and felt that it was necessary to cut and paste an article together to defend their loyalty to a product. Lame is the word that comes to mind, who cares what side did what, stop the bs articles all together.

Death3652d ago

The Playstation 3 had a very rough start, but 2007 was when they seen the most aggressive price cuts which resulted in much better sales. At the end of 2007 Sony had sold 10.5 million PS3's worldwide compared to Microsoft's 17.7 million. The gap narrowed from 7 million to 6 million at the endo of September 2008. Depending on how the holidays go, Sony will either gain ground or lose it. So far they are going the wrong direction. They definately outsold the Xbox in 2007, but 2008 isn't over yet and momentum is in Microsoft's favor.


kevin11123652d ago

i dont understand morons like you, this point in its lifetime it is doing better than the 360. so if the ps3 sucks and is doing horrible than what does that say about the 360? see, fanboys are RETARDED!!!

Mainman3652d ago

Ghandi, I dont know if you realise that PS3 still outsold the 360 YTD with 50000 units according to NPD numbers. Ofcourse not sure what will happen in the last 2 months of 2008.

But it is worrying for MS that the PS3 can keep up with the 360 despite the high price of PS3. Plus Sony still have the pricecut-card up there sleeve.

I dont know, but in the long run, I think the PS3 will win over 360.

Plus ofcourse there is the rest of the world. Everone says PS3 is selling more in Europe, but havent seen any numbers so I am not sure if PS3 is winning in Europe though.

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P3652d ago

Sony doing marvelously in the market

GiantEnemyLobster3652d ago

P is doing marvelous at lying.

tortella3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

SW sales increased 100%

1.1m last year in Oct 07

2.3m in Oct 08

I expect PS3 HW sales to be around 700k in November and 1.3/1.4m In December in USA

However in europe

PS3 will tear away flop box 360.
same goes to Japan

US sales are not that stellar(still good though) because of recession

ultimolu3652d ago

...But then again, they're not doing so bad for an expensive console on the market. :D

Keep on focusing on profits Sony.

Breakfast3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Put some more effort in your spin, please.
Write a blog, im sure itll get approved.

Edit: Cute ultimolu, but no.

Its 5pm, why the hell would i eat
Seriously, stop with these jokes people...theyre soooooo 4 months ago.

Your so bad at what you do. I can spin better for Sony.

You can just say that the ps3 is the glue thats gonna make Sony (as a whole company) monster profits, due to Blu-ray, hdtvs, and home theatre systems. Yes, the ps3 will help, and has helped sell all these products. Ps3 is an investment. A smart investment, thats has already proved worthy, with the victory of Blu-ray.

Take a lesson. Or just stop trying.

ultimolu3652d ago

...You know nothing about Economics so don't try.

Sony is focused on making a profit for the PS3, which is why they're not dropping the price.

I implied they should keep doing that so they can drop production costs further.

Spinning what exactly?

Go eat some breakfast.

PirateThom3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Heh, do you really thing Sony are losing money on PS3 hardware?

The most expensive things (Blu-ray and Cell - Blu-ray diodes were $100, they reduced to $8 at the end of last year) both took a nose dive in price, a lot of the components like the HDD and wireless card are standard stock parts and bought in bulk. A lot of the size of the components was reduced, which reduces cost (RSX, Cell).

Considering they were losing $241 on the 60GB PS3 at launch, I'd say Sony are making profit, if not breaking even now in the US (and making profit in Europe where the consoles retail at higher prices). In fact, I'm tempted to go through and find the current price of each component.

thebudgetgamer3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

the fact that the console with supposedly no games crap online a worthless blue-ray player is not only keeping up in some months dominating the cheaper console is still pretty impressive.


GrandTheftZamboni3652d ago

PS3 sells movies too. Profit probably goes to another Sony division, but it's money earned by PS3 anyway.

Tony P3652d ago

Back to the matter at hand, PS3 isn't doing as badly as extremist fans would suggest. The subject matter of the article lends solid proof to that fact. That's not to say the PS3 is meeting ALL expectations, no. Monthlies could be a lot better, imo. But please, credit where it's due.

Death3652d ago

Sony has been losing money in their game segment for a couple years now. Here's a link to SOny's last quarterly financials:

Due to cost reductions and increased software slaes they managed to cut the loss from 57 billion yen to just under 40 billion yen. That means they reduced their operating losses to only $380 million this year. So to answer your question, yes they still lose money on each system sold.


Death3652d ago

My source is directly from Sony. Click the link and look yourselves. If you disagree with Sony's own financial statement, who exactly are you listening to?


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P3652d ago

PsP,Ps3,and Ps2.

No other company has achieved this

Johnny Rotten3652d ago

Hmmm almost 17 million people own a PS3 in it's first 2 years, I'd say that's pretty good!

Anon19743652d ago

Think about it. How long did it take the 360 to hit 15 million, with no competition. I don't understand how people can look at the PS3, selling faster than the 360 ever did with a higher price point and stiffer competition and can somehow view that as a failure. Unless you considered the 360's sales a disappointment as well, those people are just being hypocritical.

Software_Lover3652d ago

But people have to admit that they didn't see this gen working out like it has been thus far. Sony was forced to get off their high horse and make cheaper versions of the ps3 in order to finally get their sales going in a better direction. If it weren't for all the price cuts and different cheaper sku's introduced in the first year things would be worse.

Sony is the worldwide video game juggernaut. How can Nintendo pass Microsoft, after the crap gamecube (for the most part), and the dominating forces of the ps1 and ps2 hasn't allow Sony to take over Microsoft? Microsoft is only really loved in the states but yet they are maintaining their lead. They even beat ps3 for a couple of weeks in Japan. I dont care how much they beat them by or how little, just the fact that they sustained a few weeks ahead is a milestone in itself. WHO SAW THAT COMING?

This holiday season will be an interesting one. Im not one to care about sales, but it will be funny to come on here and read you guys comments in January. There will be a fanboy explosion that anyone who loves to laugh will be a fool to miss.

Death3651d ago

Both the PS3 and XBox 360 sold approx 17 million units the first 24 months. PS3 sales took off once Sony dropped the retail price to $399 which was actually lower than the Elite by $50 and only $50 more than an Xbox 360 Pro. The reason people make a big deal about the PS3's sales pace is due to the fact they sold better than the Wii last generation and commanded well over 75% of the market for over two console generations. The fact that they are fighting so hard to keep pace with a competitor that held a little over 12% of the market is pretty astonishing. When you consider the company that was in last place last gen is currently number one by a long shot makes it even worse.


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