Nintendo responds to NPD data

Wii and Nintendo DS topped the U.S. sales charts and combined to sell more than 1.29 million units in October. Nintendo sold 803,210 Wii consoles and 491,176 Nintendo DS systems in October, according to the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. These figures bring the lifetime U.S. sales for Wii to more than 13.35 million and Nintendo DS to more than 23.02 million, extending their leads as the best-selling hardware of this generation.

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cwir3650d ago

except that Wii is not really "this generation"..

it's half-a-next-gen :)

great results though!

sunnygrg3650d ago

The Wii sales are outta this world.

Captain_Sony3650d ago

It is more powerful than the last gen of consoles. Has blue tooth, Wifi, and a next gen controller. Please explain in what way it is not next gen. Seems the only reason people think that is because they lack any knowledge of the console.

lelo3650d ago

"except that Wii is not really "this generation".. "

Why do you say that? Just because it has no HD graphics? Maybe this gen is not about HD graphics and more about gameplay and the specific controller(s) the Wii has. Everybody has a opinion what this gen is suppose to be, but their opinions don't matter. The Wii is selling more consoles then the X360 and PS3 combined, and that's what matters. So they are defining what this gen is suppose to be.

cwir3650d ago

"Has blue tooth, Wifi, and a next gen controller."

Anything else? :)

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beans3650d ago

Good job Nintendo even though you will never see any of my money.

coolfool3650d ago

still doesn't make me want one.........I wonder why?

PS360WII3650d ago

Good job Nintendo keep us entertained :)

season0073650d ago

but not good job in keeping me entertained at least..

heroicjanitor3650d ago

"The best value in not only video games but also entertainment".
Flat out lie right there it plays wii games and thats it so what are these other entertainment options? It costs 100 euros or so to make and they sell it for 270 euros where is the value? I really really hate Nintendo the way they just keep tricking consumers into thinking there console is in some way revolutionary or enables better games

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