Nintendo Secretly Releases New Product

Could Nintendo be planning to withhold holiday Wii Remote supply to create demand for this costly bundle?

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Viewtiful5426d ago

It's true, we've totally seen the soulless side of Nintendo when they smell blood and think they can make some cash. My instinct says that if they get the chance to corral consumers into buying three products instead of one, they will.

kunit22c5426d ago

around here wii-motes are sold for $49.99 so here its a deal (Wisconsin)

cain1415426d ago

lol I still haven't seen wii's on most shelves...

butterfinger5425d ago

have huge stacks of them and every Gamestop has a ton of them. Wiis are not hard to find at all now.

razorbladelight5425d ago

That's true, here at the local gamestop they have a HUGE sign announcing that they are stocked up the arse with Wii's. Though I can't say the same for the target, best buy, toys r us and circuit city. I wonder if GameStop pulled a deal with Nintendo since they seem to be the only ones that have a butt load of wiis in stock in my area.

ihaten4glol5426d ago

I went to GameStop yesterday and I thought it was hilarious that each time the employees answered the phone, they were adding that they had Wiis in stock until I overheard the manager telling them they didn't have ANY in that day. =/

ThePimpOfSound5426d ago

But it's only one box! Saves packaging materials! Nintendo hearts the environment!

What's that, you say? Greenpeace says Nintendo is the least environmentally friendly of all the console manufacturers?


Smacktard5426d ago

God, exactly what I was thinking.