Halo is Steam’s top-selling game as it finally launches on PC

Halo is finally on Steam, and it is topping the sales chart on that service. This is all part of the plan for Microsoft and Phil Spencer.

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Obscure_Observer562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Trully Impressive!

Great job Phil Spencer, 343i and Xbox team!

"Gamepass is gonna canibalize Xbox games sales"

"Halo is dead"

Yeah, right...

This is just one of many revenue streams which Xbox Game Studios will use to fund new AAA games and IPs in the future. :)

xTonyMontana561d ago

"Gamepass is gonna canibalize Xbox games sales"

This is a PC gaming article, how is this relevant or are you so paranoid you're now hearing things?

I'm happy though, Reach is my least favourite mp out of the Bungie games but but the campaign was great, hopefully it's a restart of a great relationship between Halo and the PC player base.

KillBill561d ago

You are obviously one of those odd few that imagine Reach MP is inferior to the other MP offerings by Halo. When in fact it is one of the most lauded MP offerings.

JustTheFax561d ago

I have been considering getting an Xbox One X, but every time I read your comments, I reconsider.

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Unspoken561d ago (Edited 561d ago )

You could also use a gaming PC to play many of these titles, either through the Microsoft Store or Game Pass. There are many options to be able to experience Xbox offerings.

PlayableGamez-561d ago

Dawg chill.
You sound like a nutjob right now.

CDbiggen561d ago

Having never owned an Xbox, I can now finally play these games.

Bnet343561d ago

Halo's been on PC forever. Even on Mac.

CDbiggen561d ago

Didn't know that - I actually only got into PC gaming last year too.

Edgelordsupreme561d ago

Not in a way that's easy to get a hold of, the Gearbox port of Halo 1 was always garbage and the Halo 2 port isnt available anywhere, I have a physical copy but its been a long time since I've had a PC with a disk drive.

Thunder_G0d_Bane561d ago

I'm still confused as to how or why Halo 5 hasn't been ported to PC....

PlayableGamez-561d ago

You are not missing much if it doesn't come to PC.

Edgelordsupreme561d ago

It's not quite Halo 2 or Halo 3, but Halo 5 is fine I certainly wouldn't complain about a PC version.

Unspoken561d ago

Master Chief Collection AND Reach we're possibly being worked on for the release window on PC. Just a guess though.

PlayableGamez-561d ago

Top selling?
That's quite normal for a game with mild interest to be the top seller.
Give it a week or 2 and it will start dropping.

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Unspoken561d ago

Like every other game? Multiplayer will keep it alive though, especially with the modding community.