Watch PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Celebrate the 25th Anniversary and Tease PS5 Reveals... in Japanese

Today PlayStation President and CEO Jim Ryan held his first speech in Japanese, celebrating past achievements and teasing upcoming reveals related to PS5.

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blackblades301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

I see a typo, anyways hope they go big with the 25th anniversary.

Abriael300d ago

Haha thanks for letting me know about the typo (it isn't nearly as much as Ryan's Japanese mistakes lol).

300d ago
_SilverHawk_300d ago

It's truly amazing that sony playstation has the record of being the highest sold console brand when they started 25 years ago and Nintendo started making games in the 70s. Cant wait for ps5

CertifiedGamer300d ago

I heard that the Sony and Microsoft are going with an SSD drive for faster loading in next generation. I think Sony should give me a job because if they did I would recommend them going with the much faster and less expensive M.2 NVME which is actually faster then the fastest Samsung SSD currently available.

Master of Unlocking299d ago

Dunno about that, but I just heard about some russion bloke who's apparently an insider that MS's next Xbox would be endowed with smthg called "RDNA2", which supposedly offers up to 20-30% extra flops compared to the "RDNA1" the PS5 is said to feature. I'm kinda surprised this hasn't made it to the top news on N4G...