Death Stranding players are using vehicles for griefing, and Kojima Productions is stepping in

Last week, Kojima Productions announced a patch for Death Stranding, scheduled for mid-December. One of the most requested features of the forthcoming patch? The ability to delete vehicles left by other players.

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isarai416d ago

I don't think it's "griefing" i park vehicles like that all the time cause if it's close enough to the terminal you dont have to unload it to deposit the cargo.

415d ago
rainslacker415d ago

Cant you just get out and move it? Annoying for sure, but I've yet to come across this outside a bike left on the road for others.

isarai415d ago

Well i do, hell i keep with a vehicle till it dies. But maybe it's still there cause after making the delivery they just save and quit their play session, i quit right after a delivery, never crossed my mind to move then vehicle before i did so(though im not sure if i ever quit with the vehicle parked in front). Never thought it would literally block other people's deliveries

hetopovo415d ago

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Born2Game83415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Yeah sure its not. Like a thief would say I stole something. Its pathetic, the PS community can't even get along with its fanbase. They make life miserable for each other.

Born2Game83415d ago

@BlackTar187 FANBOY triggered warning. Probably the kind of a-hole that does this kind of griefing.

Muzikguy415d ago

You're giving us 36 year olds a bad name

PowerOfTheCloud415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Sure, only ps community trolling/ griefing their own, but pc and xbox players are saints and would never do things like that lmao


Lord_Sloth415d ago

You realize griefing exists in literally every gaming community, right?

BlackTar187415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

There's only one person here who is triggered and it's not me. Calling names hahaha

why did you capitalize Fanboy? You yelling at your computer?

Silly gameAr415d ago

Calm done with the over dramatics, dude.

SyntheticForm415d ago

You're making a mountain out of a molehill and introducing a ridiculous and frankly just obnoxious narrative. PlayStation players can't get along with each other and make life miserable for each other?

Yeah, that truck blocking the entrance was replete with ill will and malintent. Also, how will the blocked 'victim' ever recover? His life was obviously ruined.

Are you this melodramatic about everything?

S2Killinit415d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Ok what? You sound a bit unhinged.

TheSaint414d ago

lol show us on the doll where Sony touched you. Grow up, kid.

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SyntheticForm415d ago

I personally only had the problem with blocked terminals but like rain suggested, I'd just move them. I've never seen anything I would even consider griefing.

There's no proper or right way to play this game. I think this is ridiculous.

rainslacker415d ago

I'm just curious if this is such a persistent problem that it's become the most requested feature. I've yet to come across it, and can't really see what the difference is between just moving it, or having to get out and remove it. Probably takes about the same amount of time really.

If that's the biggest problem with the game, then maybe it's not quite as bad as some people wanted others to believe.

SyntheticForm415d ago

I think the only problem, really, is when you're on the clock on a premium delivery and every second counts.

When you have a big delivery, you want to park the vehicle as close as possible so you can interact with the terminal to make the delivery. If you're not parked close enough, you can't make the delivery without going to the truck and taking things out manually which you probably loaded onto a truck in the first place because they were altogether too heavy. Then you'd have to make a partial - it just doesn't work.

Otherwise, why complain? The entire game is slow anyway - what's the big deal over an extra small step?

babadivad415d ago

I don't think it's griefing either. How can you be an affective Amazon Prime delivery guy without a vehicle?

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Knushwood Butt415d ago

I've never seen a truck blocking a road like that.

I accidentally drove a truck into the cosplsyer area last night as I approached it from the river and didn't even realise it was the Cosplayer's place until it was too late, but still managed to jump my truck all the way through to the other side.

Still, it's good to have the option to delete them.

UltraNova415d ago

That happened to me too, the Cosplayer terminal was completely blocked by another player's truck. I tried for God knows how long to get it out but the darn terminal is situated at the worst possible place in the whole game.

The option to delete players vehicles cant come soon enough.

That said, we need a voting system before anyone decides to remove helpful stuff other players leave behind, like anchors and ladders. As for roads and bridges, I do my best carrying material to the terminals but man we need more help finishing them...

rdgneoz3415d ago

No need for a voting system, it only removes it from your game. Not the creators or anyone else's game.

As for roads, unlock the zone first and you'll get help. Usually gets you half the mats or such, sometimes it can finish one off for you over time if people are still building roads.

UltraNova415d ago


Yep you are right 😉

rainslacker415d ago

Lol. I kept getting stuck on rocks with the mule truck and being super annoyed that I lost my truck. Then found out I could jump it off with some persistence.

UltraNova415d ago

Lol Jumping trucks is the only way to traverse tough terrain in Death Stranding...

rainslacker415d ago

The mule truck wasn't so bad on rough terrain once you knew how to drive it. Not good for keeping cargo in good condition. I spent a lot of time getting resources for the roads to make moving stuff easier. That weather station sucks ass though.

SyntheticForm415d ago

The mule truck is awful.

Yeah, you could jump your way out of being stuck *sometimes.* Trucks in the game are true to gravity with the front end being the heaviest due to the engine block etc, and it's very annoying in certain instances.

Moments in trucks were among the 'sweariest' I had playing.

FyBy415d ago

It would be great to solve the problem original way instead of simply deleting cars. What about making a side quest from it as a removing cars with some benefits to player(doing it for others)? It will be ecosystem friendly and will strenghten social aspect of the game.

sprinterboy415d ago

Fantastic idea that, I like how you think.

froy402415d ago

Yea give um a tow truck and payem 12 bucks an hour

Migitdigit415d ago

LOL turn a walking sim into a parking tow truck sim

IamTylerDurden1415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Just played through chapter 4, walking sim....Haha ok buddy.

See the problem is when the game went live ppl only looked at chapter 1 or 2, but the game drips in vehicles, gear, and combat as you go. The progression actually works extremely well and keeps the game feeling fresh. It makes the progression feel meaningful.

Bikes, trucks, assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, zip tie guns, grenades, ghost guns, speed/power skeletons that make you run like The Flash and jump 20 foot gaps, floating carriers that you can use to surf down hills, stun bombs, remote bombs, smoke grenades, strand ties used for stealth and parrying, exploding briefcases that you can use in melee, boss battles, and more.

The game has more than just walking, though, traversing the decimated landscape is a wonderful part of this cerebral epic.

rainslacker415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

They could get sponsorship from AAA and that would give people something else to complain about. Sounds like a win win for everyone who wants to talk about the game from hater to player. People love to complain about stupid stuff.

Hardiman415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

I haven't ran into this. Are they sure it's on purpose because I've actually done that but just because I saw something or had to do something so I jumped out. But then I go back a continue driving.

rainslacker415d ago

I think you won't see it until it becomes abandoned by the other player. Like they get a different vehicle, or move too far away from it. If it's your vehicle you just jumped out of, you'll be the only one that sees it. Of course, player may have gotten distracted and went off to do other things in the scenario you posit, then grabbed another truck. I've abandoned bikes for trucks after clearing mule camps.

Aggesan415d ago

Unload a mag on them and they'll blow up and disappear.

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