Jedi Fallen Order Makes Me Upset At EA

With Jedi Fallen Order, it would seem that EA has finally learned the power of the single player experience, right?

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ZeekQuattro6d ago

Fallen Order is EA trying to make sure they get to keep the Star Wars license by avoiding controversy as it's up for renewal soon. Though Disney seems content with the arrangement anyway so I don't think the deal was in danger honestly and a new deal is all but certain to be reached. Heaven forbid it being like the old days where multiple companies were allowed to make a variety of Star Wars videogames and LucasArts would publish them.

CaptainTravel4d ago

What a weird article. They like the new Star wars game but fear EA won't change in the future? So in other words don't enjoy the game even though it's good because it's published by EA.

Typical nonsense.

ChrisW4d ago

Makes perfect sense to me...

UltraNova4d ago

Tell you what, if EA continues to make SP games like this one then this article will be nonsense.

Fist4achin4d ago

EA has let too many great franchises wither and die. Dead space, BF bad company, C & C, black,...

trouble_bubble4d ago

Kill NFS already. Bring back Burnout.

onisama4d ago

I dont think i ever spent time in a racing game more than i did with burnout, that game was so much fun

annoyedgamer4d ago

Its amazing how evil these developers are. This game is basically a phone-in title and its leagues better than the stuff that had effort seemingly put into it...

FernDiggidy4d ago

This game is fantastic. Go buy it so that we can get more of these!

DaDrunkenJester4d ago

The thing is, and please keep in mind me saying this doesn't mean I wan't it this way, but I'm not sure it's going to change EA. While it broke an EA record of most digital sales, that doesn't mean a whole lot without some actual numbers. We know that Battlefront sold something like 13million copies, and I'd think if it outsold Battlefront in the first month EA would be shouting that instead. And even if it does sell as many copies, it likely will not even come close to the same revenue pull in since it doesn't have MT's and we know how EA only likes to look at their bottom line.

That being said, I do hope EA sees they can sell a solid SP only game and still make great sales as well as look good in the consumers eyes.

Gahl1k4d ago

Both Battlefront games sold 33 million combined, and most people on my friends list returned to Battlefront II after Jedi Fallen Order. No matter how good this game sells, it'll never change EA's way.

DaDrunkenJester4d ago

This is what I'm saying. I feel like this was just a little "good will" game to possibly get the fans and industry happy about a star wars game so Disney will re-up their contract.

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