Phoenix Point misses its day-1 release on Xbox Game Pass for PC, and it's Microsoft's fault

Phoenix Point has missed its day-1 release date on Xbox Game Pass for PC. 'It's down to them [Microsoft] now' says Snapshot Games

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gangsta_red8d ago

That is extremely disappointing to hear! Was looking forward to playing this.

Kribwalker8d ago

just hasn’t passed testing yet, i’m sure it will be out pretty quick

franwex8d ago

I’m not sure THAT many people were waiting for this game to launch. I’ve never even heard if it before until today.

monkey6027d ago

I've really been looking forward to it but probably won't find time to play it until the new year any way

Spurg8d ago

This is absolutely disgusting...Microsoft should shut down their games department if they continue acting this way.

KratosKonundrum8d ago


The majority on here as well as media keep giving Xbox the most milquetoast pass. They don't want them. They need to bow out.

Imortus_san7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Just how stupid can you be!?

rainslacker7d ago

Might as well just close up shop. Sell off all their assets, burn their buildings, give all their employees severance, and buy everyone in the US a house.

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