343 Industries releases Halo Reach's final PC system requirements

343i has released new PC system requirements for Halo: Reach. Is your PC ready to run?

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Spurg8d ago

Pc gamers will enjoy Halo franchise.

kernel8d ago

The first two were on pc, but ya its about time we get more.

franwex8d ago

Kinda high for a game that is almost a decade old. The game ran on a 360 with half a gig of RAM originally. I know it’s been rebuilt and updated the graphics, but goodness.

XbladeTeddy8d ago

Hardly, those specs are nothing. It runs at 4k on crappy FX processors. I was hoping for more of an upgrade than that.

ReadyPlayer228d ago

I was gonna say, the recommended specs are paltry by today's standards

franwex8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I guess I was expecting something a lot lower. Not 512 gigs of RAM obviously.

It’s not COD Modern Warfare specs either. But I think it’s kinda high for such an old game. But you are correct, most people should not have a problem running it.

Gridknac8d ago

It has no graphics settings other than rez change and a standard performance, original, and enhanced setting. Kinda disappointing for graphic whores like myself.

ActualWhiteMan8d ago

Uhhh... You think 2011 processor specs are high? I think you are the one who is high.

ProjectVulcan7d ago

CPU: Intel i7-870
GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 Ti

1080p 60FPS

That was only a midrange 2011

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timotim8d ago

It's already in the top 10 on Steam.

ReadyPlayer228d ago

A year out from Halo: Infinite is a good time to complete the collection. The hype from this in the PC community has been high since it was announced

T1125P8d ago

Damn those specs are so low. 3700x + RTX 2070 Super, 1080p GSYNC 240hz lets see how many FPS I can get on ultra XD

timotim8d ago

Im running the game at 4500x3000 resolution at 60FPS...runs like butter!

QuePasa878d ago

With a RTX 2070 I'd go 1440p 144hz hmm lol

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