Atelier Ryza Proves That Fanservice Doesn't Have To Come At The Cost Of Character

Most of the discourse around the Atelier Ryza has been the character designs, but Ryza proves that fanservice doesn't have to come at the cost of character.

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ZeekQuattro8d ago

I haven't bought an Atelier game since Iris on the PS2. I've been close to doing so the last year or two but never pulled the trigger on any of the various entries. This game will change that.

Abriael8d ago

Fanservice and Character have never been in conflict to begin with. Not sure what this person's point is

littletad8d ago

To point out the character is fleshed out and not just a titillated character with no depth.

Abriael8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

The idea that fanservice comes "at the cost" of character is wrong to begin with.

Those two elements aren't in conflict. It's like saying that eating comes at the cost of sleeping.

annoyedgamer8d ago

I have actually never seen a titillated character with no depth. In fact its the anti-fanservice characters from Western creators that were the most shallow and un-inspired.

TricksterArrow8d ago

@annoyedgamer I get your point but stop with the hyperboles, several western characters are some of the deepest and best characters ever created in game, Joel and Geralt comes to mind.

rainslacker8d ago

Fan service and the depth of a character do not have to be intrinsically linked. There are plenty of deep characters which have fan service moments.

Misato from Evangelion, gumnn from battle angel alita, any of the sailor moon characters, most of the atelier games, Juliet from Lollipop chainsaw, and I'm sure many more can be named.

The notion that a character can either be sexy or smart, but not both is a harmful notion that people hold, and is one reason why there seems to be so much animosity towards the portrayal and representations of women, as one side actually takes the sexy representation of a character as somehow damaging to their character, instead of holding their character above all else. Which is how people should look at things, in real life, and in works of fiction.

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SegaSaturn6698d ago

Sometimes I'm too busy masturbating to pay attention to the game. Like in Persona 4.

FallenAngel19848d ago

When has it been a rule that fanservice always comes to the detriments of a character

rainslacker8d ago

Probably when it became bad to represent or portray women as sexy, as it was somehow a direct representation of their character, ability , or intelligence. As if a woman couldn't be sexy, beautiful, or promiscuous, and still be a good person, smart, or capable.

gamer78047d ago

basically mainstream gaming and media sites are the ones pushing this narrative that women can't be sexy and intelligent. Also they are skinny-shaming and wealth-shaming now too, like those crazy hit pieces CNN has done on peloton holiday ad recently. Then saying "why people hate it" when they are assuming that people are to influence others to also hate it.

rainslacker7d ago

That Pelaton thing was pretty funny. Typical marketing for any piece of fitness equipment, and lets face it, it's usually fit people that buy fitness equipment, not the other way around. Fit people tend to like to stay fit. Unfit people don't tend to buy the expensive stuff like that.

Not that the ad wasn't cringeworthy, but the hate about it is really stupid.

But that's the way things are nowadays. Some people upset and see things that just aren't there, and suddenly, it's this big scandal. Too many people think they're more important than they really are.

FallenAngel19848d ago

Nobody ever questions a male character being well developed in execution as well as attractive, but god forbid a woman be both