None of You Will Like This Pokemon Starter Ranking, I Guarantee It

Tony writes: "From Chespin to a certain fire-breathing lizard, let's count down the best starter Pokemon of all time."

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Tross8d ago

Lulz, I seem to be at odds with most of these. Chespin, Mudkip and Totodile were my choices in their respective gens. At least Litten made it high on this list, and that fire bunny will be my choice if I ever do get Sword or Shield. Also...I'm cool with Bulbasaur being #2 (though I think the Charmander line is a tad overrated even though I love them too).

Kran8d ago

Is that title meant to make me click the article or something? 😏

Tross8d ago

It’s just someone’s opinion, so it’s nothing to get offended by, although the title does imply that the author wants us to get offended for some reason.