Resident Evil 3 Remake covers have been leaked online

Gamstat, which tracks everything that's added on PSN, has unveiled the first covers for the European/American and Japanese versions of Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Admin note: It seems there was a notice to remove the images, but we're going to leave this up since the news was accurate and, possibly, pretty accurate.

Images available from

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LegoIsAwesome2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Time to replay RE2RE for the 21th time for the hype!!!

Edit: I will just want to add, OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheKingKratos2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


That "STAAAAARRRSSSSS" voice he make will make me shit my pants with the new graphics

BLizardXD2d ago

so sad that Capcom skimmed zombie Brad in the RE2 remake.
once again Brad is a no show in the covers.

i wonder what they have planned for the 3rd remake. since they changed quite a bit of content and story in the 2nd remake.

naruga1d 18h ago

Jill is ugly though ...why the f ** Capcom reboots all its artistically beautifull characters?? ...Chris in RE7,Dante in DMC 5 Jill

-Foxtrot2d ago

Jesus I can't believe this

Thank God

I hope it comes out next year

overrated442d ago

I think the rumor was a 2021 release.

2pacalypsenow2d ago

Is that supposed to be Jill valentine?

mrmikew20182d ago

That’s an interesting question, who else would it be?

Ricegum2d ago

People moaning already. My god.

Stopac2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Welcome to N4G comments section. Lol.

Hardiman2d ago

It's cancerous and it seems you could give some people their hearts desire and they'd still complain or just troll someone!

Puty2d ago

It is Mila Kunis from Resident Evil movies

forkymental2d ago

I don't know why you got 4 down votes. I think she kind of looks like the one from the first movie.

ZeekQuattro2d ago

You mean Milla Jovovich. Lmfao

Master of Unlocking2d ago

Yeah, she looks like Natalie Portman, doesn't she?

on_line_forever2d ago

Character design is 👎👎👎 so ugly why capcoom do this

DJStotty1d 19h ago

Is capcoom a new studio?

on_line_forever1d 19h ago

capcom *

Happy now mr. DJStotty ?

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BigBosss2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Why does Nemesis look like a transgender, Jill Valentine as Natalie Portman and Carlos as Carlito from WWE lol

Jokes aside, cant wait!

Stopac2d ago

If you click on my profile and look at my banner picture of scooby doo, that’s the face I made reading this.

ps3rider2d ago


Like you can still recall how does jill valentine was looking like when you were paying it in on PS1. for me body and outfit is more than enough.
as for Nemesis, he looks badass and more humanistic which is ok considering he was a man then evolved

Christopher2d ago

"Why doesn't Jill Valentine look like a supermodel version of herself instead of a more realistic looking woman?"

2pacalypsenow2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Is having the body of a 12 year old boy a realistic interpretation of women?

Either way, day 1.

Christopher2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Doesn't have big boobs, must be 12 year old boy. I swear. She looks perfectly fine as a woman and is pretty much normal for people who aren't dressing up to go out or to work but are wearing plain clothes in combat scenarios.

It's way more realistic than some of her past images

DaigotheKing2d ago

More like why doesnt Jill look like herself period. Why people are so caught up with realism in a fucking RE game is beyond me, if any of this shit were realistic everyone would be wearing full body hazmat suits, or gas masks at least.

redey31d 23h ago

I'm not hating on the new Jill, quite the opposite, but what past Jill wasn't realistic of the ones from the past?

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ArmyVetGamer2d ago

This is awesome news. I hope they eventually remake RE Code Veronica X as its pretty much my fav in the series, followed by a remake of RE4 which is also one of my faves. Both of these games with updated controls and graphical upgrades like the recent RE2 would be AMAZING.

Exvalos2d ago

4 has been ported 5 million times, and isn't really that out of date I doubt it gets this remake treatment as everybody and there mom already owns it. Res eve 2 and 3 badly needed an update.

ArmyVetGamer2d ago

I agree 4 has been ported "5 million times" ha, but the controls are horrid as they are from like ... 2004 or whenever RE4 came out and id LOVE to see it get the remake treatment like RE2 recieved and i know im not the only one as many others have claimed 4 was their fav.

Good-Smurf2d ago

Now I'm thinking about Square Enix should remake Parasite Eve.
PE 2 was really underrated being the survival horror A-RPG.

Master of Unlocking2d ago

Except now we also need a new remake of RE1, that 2002 Gamecube remake ain't gonna cut it anymore, for the sake of continuation graphics-wise and controls-wise.

neutralgamer19922d ago

4 completely remade from ground up for current and next Gen consoles with improvements? Come on man we aren't talking about port here we are talking about a complete remake and I believe Capcom will remake 4

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TheEnigma3132d ago

Play the wii version of RE4. The most superior one.

ArmyVetGamer2d ago

It was my fav too! I first played RE4 on my gamecube, which imo was the best version of the time than the ports that followed afterwards.

HeisenbergX2d ago

PC is the most superior one .. i hate to admit it but it's true

Hardiman2d ago

I enjoyed playing it on the Wii. The Wii Motes worked great and gave it s different feel.

-Foxtrot2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I really hope they just do Code Veronica, may aswell call it Resident Evil 4, not like they'd ever remake the actual Resident Evil 4 since it's not needed. Add Leon over Chris in Code Veronica and boom...done.

Plus Leon finding Claire would make more sense story wise.

Resident Evil 5 could be something brand new and they could continue from that.

Hardiman2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I'd be down for that. Code Veronica is at the top of my list. I like the idea of continuing the series with a new narrative coming after Code Veronica (if they do it)

This is wishful thinking but a part 1 remake with the view they are using for 2 and 3 would be great. Not sure about zero. Maybe it could be condensed and be an expansion like Blood and Wine or the Frozen Wilds.

-Foxtrot2d ago

It's like rebooting...without rebooting, it's genius and I don't know why they don't go with it

They are soon going to have it where they've remade the original trilogy, they have added to each game along with the games lore so why not just establish this as a new narrative, like a multiverse type thing where they showing a "what if" scenario. This would allow them to trim the unnecessary fat from the bloated main narrative and start again without actually starting from scratch

Leon goes to save Claire instead of Chris. As stated within the game or manuals, Leon literally tells Chris where she is, yet he doesn't actually go himself? I call bullshit, you don't find out your best friend has been kidnapped by Umbrella and then just let her "big bro" handle it when you know the horrors they can inflict upon people.

Code Veronica could tone down Weskers involvement, since Chris isn't there and make Alexia Leon and Claire's main villain, the counterpart to Wesker since he is the main villain for STARS. She could survive at the end and become a bigger threat for them both.

Resident Evil 4 not happening means the plagas never happened, this would also keep Leon as being a trained secret service agent which allows him to be more vulnerable.

Resident Evil 5 could have the story of the original Resident Evil 5 (RE4.5). There's two versions one where Chris went with Jill to Africa to stop Wesker or another concept where him and Barry travelled to Africa to find Jill after she's taken by Wesker. Sheva is just a NPC character who helps you and you find Jill in the first act of the game where you both team up in the end to stop Wesker, with Barry helping from the Helicopter. Night levels, Tyrants, Zombies, not Uroborus crap, Jill, Barry, no co-op, it's basically a better version and what we should have had.

Resident Evil 6 never happens, again a huge plus and they can focus on another Leon and Claire adventure since this would be an even number game. The odd number games are STARS and they have the even number ones.

Hardiman2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Speaking to my heart and reading my mind because of RE Code Veronica was ever announced I'd lose my shit! It and part 2 are my OG favorites.

If they did a part 4 remake I'd like it to swing more horror oriented than action.

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AnubisG2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I can't wait for this remake. I wish that they would remake the first RE as well this way.

Bnet3432d ago

Remake the remake lol but yeah I get you.

AnubisG2d ago

Why not?😄

The remake of RE1 was fine but this over the shoulder style is better in my opinion.

forkymental2d ago

I'd like to see it too, but the chances of it happening are next to zero. They've already done a full remake, and then remasters of that remake. So they'll most likely turn their attention somewhere else.