Xbox One was the UK No.1 games console over Black Friday

The Xbox family of consoles were the best-selling machines over Black Friday in the UK.

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Ausbo8d ago

Pretty impressive. Really surprised people actually want the SAD edition. Shows how important that low price point is

Immorals8d ago

If I didn't already have a spare xbox one I'd be tempted to pick one up for my bedroom, makes a great media centre, plus gaming in bed is fun occasionally

darthv728d ago

I have two xbo's but they are the og models. One is day one the other is the CoD AW edition. I am getting an ADE for the purpose you just mentioned. It will be my streaming and game pass set top box.

Pickledpepper8d ago

I play games in bed, but it's not on a console, it's with the missus.

UltraNova8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


Hahahaha, slam dunk!

OT: the pricing was as good as it gets, I saw SAD editions priced at 125 euros where I live and let me tell you, we never get such deep discounts on hardware around here. Suffice to say if you are into Xbox and dont mind going digital this is a no brainer.

343_Guilty_Spark8d ago

If they get GamePass why would they need the disk drive?

gangsta_red8d ago

If it wasn't for Gamefly I wouldn't use a physical disc at all. There's just no point in this day and age

rainslacker8d ago

Options. And game pass certainly doesnt have the entire xbox library on there. In the future, when they want those old games they can buy cheap at game stop for $5, now they can spend 10-20 on the digital version instead.

But they saved a cold 50 now, so savvy consumers there.

Wasabi8d ago (Edited 8d ago )



I agree with you, choice is always good. Those buyers had a choice, for whatever reason they chose to buy the version of the console without a disc drive, perhaps they are naive as your comment suggests;

***"when they want those old games they can buy cheap at game stop for $5, now they can spend 10-20"***

Or maybe they're not as stupid as you've labelled them, they've simply decided on a digital only console.

I buy digital versions of games, I realise I could save money by purchasing physical, but I prefer the convenience of digital.
I'm used to using Steam - they seem to be doing ok in the PC space, as do Apple Music and Spotify in the realm of digital music sales. Sure I could pick up a CD from HMV but that means I have to travel or wait for delivery, quite often I don't want to do that.

***"But they saved a cold 50 now, so savvy consumers there"***

Yes, I agree they are savvy. savvy for not paying for a feature that they may never use, putting that money towards something they will use and for buying a product that them costs less, whilst still meeting their personal usage requirement.

343_Guilty_Spark8d ago


They know that when they buy them. So are you saying?

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The Wood8d ago

Well done, I am surprised. MS played their cards right

Zeref8d ago

it was 99 euros in some places in Europe including UK. 125 euros in most places.

Was definitely tempted to get one for the bedroom.

KyRo8d ago

The SAD versions were being sold in bargain shops here in the UK. MS must have had a lot of dead stock with that model.

Chris128d ago

Whats your definition of a bargain shop?

KyRo8d ago

Lidl had them. That says alot in the UK. A shop that has baskets in the middle of their shops filled with anything from mops to toys to socks and ironing boards. You can pick anything up from there. It's a discount brand store.

Wasabi8d ago (Edited 8d ago )


***"Lidl had them. That says alot in the UK. A shop that has baskets in the middle of their shops filled with anything from mops to toys to socks and ironing boards. You can pick anything up from there. It's a discount brand store"***

You mean Lidl, who along with Aldi have won every prestigious food, drink and retail product award for the past three years in the UK, beating out every single one of their rivals with higher quality products at far lower prices?

Hardly bargain basement.

Ra3v3r8d ago

To be fair, everyone had them for between £99-129 but I get what you mean - it is on the cheaper end of the scale.

However, I’d say it was a pretty shrewd move getting Lidl to stock them. Loads of Large-ish Lidl’s in local communities full of people that maybe don’t use Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Victoria Rd here in Glasgow had sold out of them within 20 mins of opening and Govanhill isn’t exactly super affluent.

rob-GP7d ago


He said bargain shop, not 'basement'. Also, do you know what a 'bargain' is? It means cheap. The articles you just posted state, and to use your words, "higher quality products at far lower prices"

That's a 'bargain' if they are higher quality at cheaper prices. Hence the OPs definition of being sold in a 'bargain shop' isn't actually wrong...

Wasabi7d ago


***"Hence the OPs definition of being sold in a 'bargain shop' isn't actually wrong...***

It's not the description of bargain shop that I take issue with, it's the negative connotations implied by KyRo in his descriptions of the outlet selling the consoles. I feel you know this and you're just splitting hairs.

***"MS must have had a lot of dead stock with that model"***

***"That says alot in the UK"***

I'm not going to debate the point further, if you don't see it then you're choosing not to.

KyRo7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Fragnum, I in no way implied anything bad about lidl. I don't really rate their own brand food except their bakery and fresh veg range. (You pay slightly more at tesco and Asda for better tasting food IMO, not the exaduated amount you're implying). Spin it how you want but Lidl are known in the UK as bargain chain that also has a section of their store that will sell anything. The fact it was selling digital Xboxs truly does make it look like MS overestimated how well the console would do. I don't get what's so hard to understand about that.

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battlegrog8d ago

why would anyone care if it had a disc drive or not in this day and age.Its the cheapest S model so everyone should be getting it except for people that are nastoliga about discs which is a small percent

KyRo7d ago

Not in the UK when games are £10-20 more expensive digitally than on disc. Next gen wouldn't have a disc drive either if there still weren't a large majority of people using discs.

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cigi8d ago

WOW that was unexpected, but yeah the price is a big factor. And at prices like that if you are not in yet what are you waiting for. Fantastic value there.

No-internet8d ago

£100 console with free gamepass is not really unexpected to be a top seller, Hotukdeals had the craziest xbox deals

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YodaCracker8d ago

Price is always a huge factor. Why do you think the PS4 and Xbox One are where they are today? Sure, MS screwed up their messaging big time with their digital push before launch, but the PS4 launching at $100 less was what really sealed the Xbox One’s fate.

Once that PS4 snowball got rolling there was no stopping it. Your friends already owned the console and word of mouth spread quickly. By the time Microsoft cut Kinect and the Xbox One sold for less than a PS4, it was already too late.

Kribwalker8d ago

I’m more surprised the PS4 dropped by more than 40,000 consoles this black friday Vs last (it was first last year, and the xbox one was 2nd and both were over 100,000 last year) when it was bundled on sale with some heavy hitters like fifa and COD.
The price of the console definitely makes a difference, but one has to wonder if the great PR has been getting helped make people’s decisions. Especially with a monster exclusive with multiple GOTY nominations like death stranding only releasing a couple weeks ago.

MasterCornholio8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Well your right that Death Stranding can win the GOTY award and that it helped sell PS4s. I mean the quality of the PS4s library is great for Sonys PR. Which is why the system is performing so well on the market.

And as for this article it's nice to see all three do extremely well this holiday season. Each system is being offered with some really great games and that there's some really good prices on those bundles. Lots of choices for gamers and with different budgets and that's a great thing. As a multiplatform gamer I can tell you that's true.

Christopher8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

You're surprised the best selling console of this generation drops off more in its last primary holiday season compared to others seeing as it's closest to reaching its max potential for market reach? Less people need it, regardless of price or game bundles. Its potential reach is way smaller than the other consoles right now.

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ArmyVetGamer8d ago

Congrats to xbox. I hope they can continue this trend as it shows a healthy market for team xbox. The SAD console should have been at this price from the jump, but thats just my opinion.

Zeref8d ago

I think they strategically launched it early so they got some time to get productions costs even lower and produce more units so they could offer it at this price point.

It seemed to have worked in the UK at least.

ScootaKuH8d ago

Trend? One day is a trend now?

Agree with the pricing of the SAD though, it should always have been this price. Either that, or not released at all.

Sm00thNinja8d ago

Surprising. Especially considering there were no BIG holiday releases on Xbox

Ricegum8d ago

When retailers were selling it at less than £100 it's not really that surprising. Even I was tempted at one point.

Sm00thNinja8d ago

PS4 bundles were the best deal this holiday season by FAR. Seriously 3 90+ metacritic titles and a PS4 for 200....

Good to see Microsoft is still pushing units this late in the game. Definitely proves they're still viable in a market that Sony has spent the entire generation dominating.

I'll definitely turn my Xbox on today to start my legendary run of Halo Reach

Kribwalker8d ago


if you’re on later tonight hit me up, i’m gonna hop on reach later

Sm00thNinja7d ago

Sorry krib just saw this lol

AngelicIceDiamond8d ago

Scarlet launches next year so its no surprise at all that MS is setting the current gen consoles price points so low. There just trying to rid of it and get the console into many homes as possible before Scarlet launches, make space for the shelves now to make room for next gen. All their focus will be on next gen, laser focused.

Ra3v3r8d ago

If they were clever, every single one of those units would have a leaflet with details about the upgrade program for the X and Scarlett. I don’t think they’d be that well organised though. All those S units in peoples homes and the users are being told they can get the next gen console at a discount if they trade it in next year? First thing you’d remember when standing in the shop looking at both next gen consoles if the price points are similar.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro8d ago

No surprise, the One S Digital Edition was offered for 100 bucks with Minecraft and something else.

P_Bomb8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

$100? Omg for $100 yeah I’d have bought one!

Alas the cheapest here was $179.99 + tax for the s.a.d bundle with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza 3. I already have three copies of Minecraft, Sea of Thieves doesn’t interest me and Forza Horizon 3 is closer to a launch title than a contemporary. So no. But close.

If $100 is a no-go, ditch the dinosaurs and gimme a year of GamePass instead. I’ll buy a year of Gold that goes straight into your pocket, we’ll call it even. One more chance on Boxing Day.

ImGumbyDammit8d ago

Where was it $100? I saw it for £100 in the UK or $149+tax in the US. Never saw if for $100 but, that would have been a steal.

shaun mcwayne7d ago

Its was £120 in the UK. some deals had 3 games included but im sure they are all on game pass.