25 years of PlayStation – the 10 games that defined the PS1

The PlayStation brand is 25 years old today, as GameCentral celebrates the 10 games that cemented the PS1’s success on the world stage.

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naruga8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

He says "Crash Bandicoot’s games were never anywhere near as good as Nintendo or Sega’s best " ...what ????? Crash Bandicoot original trilogy destroyed the Mario 64 (and Sonic) in every possible way...just because all the game critics were Nintnedo fans and more fanatics that time ,Crash wasnt rated 10/10 and didnt have the critical reception deserved

Secondly the writer says MGS1 " that its borderline nonsensical ramblings and anime sensibilities were seen as daringly mature" wtf man .....mGS story has philosophical themes in it that you only read in serious books and simultaneously was the perfect mixture of adult story , humor and gameplay still to be matched even by today creations

Basically the article is BS (except of the games) just diminishes every PS1 value but still makes a list of legendary games to get the click .....PS1 with its top games that time was the golden peak of videogame history that i m not sure it would be repeated in future,

telekineticmantis8d ago

You may be a bit over doing Crash Bandicoot's greatness.

Now MGS series I agree may be one of the most influential franchises ever. MGS3 was doing things 15 years ago, that People are just praising Breath of the Wild for today.

isarai8d ago

I friggin LOVE the og Crash Bandicoot trilogy, but "destroyed Mario 64 (and Sonic) in every possible way." Is overdoing it. So is saying the were "nowhere near as good as Nintendo and Segas best" they were damn good, very close to and to many arguably as good as, Nintendo and Segas best. They were certainly as iconic at the time though for sure. Couldn't see any Playstation related article or merch without seeing Crash an Lara plastered all over it.

telekineticmantis8d ago

I'd take out Fifa and Ridge Racer, and replace it with Twisted Metal, and Jet Moto...

And who could forget SOCOM...

jreeves828d ago

I agree with all except FIFA

ArmyVetGamer8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Glad to see FF7 sitting at the #1 spot as its the reason i bought a ps1. Its too bad Twisted Metal didnt make the cut. I would probably replace Fifa with Twisted Metal, otherwise great list. Also, on a side note RPG's could have gotten more love like Legend of Dragoon. 🤷‍♂️

From the article top 10

1. FF7
2. Gran Turismo
3. Metal Gear
4. Ridge Racer
5. Resident Evil
6. Tekken
7. Wipeout
8. Crash Bandicoot
9. Tomb Raider
10. Fifa 96

What a great variety of games with 3 being racers that were all amazing in their own right. Id probably say I loved Ridge Racer and Wipeout from the very beg, where Gran Turismo grew on me eventually with the 2nd iteration. Who in here remembers racing that black car at the end of Ridge Racer? Once you beat that car you felt like the sh!t and you could race with that beast

Anorexorcist8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Crash Bandicoot's original trilogy easily crushes Sonic.With regard to Mario 64, that is certainly up for debate, but even Sonic's best games in the Genesis Era and in the Dreamcast era are not definitively better than Crash Bandicoot. Objectively, Sonic does not surpass Crash Bandicoot; Sonic/Sega fanboys are almost as obnoxious and pigheaded as Xbox fanboys.

ArmyVetGamer7d ago

You had me in agreeance until your final statement. All fanboys from all platforms have "pigheaded" consumers. However, i do agree Crash is better than Sonic, but mainly because i liked the 3d aspect better than the earlier 2d Sonic games.

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