Collector tries to sell sealed Super Mario Bros. for $1 million on Pawn Stars

Sealed copies of classic games can go for a lot of money, but one collector tried to hit the jackpot with a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros.

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ziggurcat1633d ago

I bet Rick offered him $20?

hetopovo1632d ago

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AnubisG1633d ago

That is not worth $1 million to anyone.

isarai1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Lol they're worth like 1,000-ish sealed and mint. Sure you can go quite a bit higher depending on market and buyer (maybe up to about $3,000 if it's graded) but nowhere near 1,000,000 what a joke

rainslacker1633d ago

Problem with these older games is they may not even work. Buying a sealed game is just buying the shrink wrap for the most part, because you could open it up, and it could be completely shot. It's the risk one has as a collector. Same is true with some optical media on some of the various CD era systems...but it usually depends on who manufactured the discs themselves.

isarai1633d ago

Well no one is buying this to play it, a copy of mario/duck hunt you can literally find at any retro game store for less than $5 snd it's the exact same game.

rainslacker1633d ago

True. But, as a collector, it'd be nice to know that you have an actual working copy instead of just a nicely sealed piece of plastic and a cardboard box.

djl34851632d ago

Obviously some of ya'll don't understand collecting, different type of collectors nor understand the significance of the particular copy.

If you want a copy to play of course you're going to buy a $5 dollar used copy. Even sealed copies of this game are that pricey....but this particular copy is different. Maybe not $1 million different but still different. No one is buying a sealed copy to play or even being it sealed in hopes that it works. And if it is sealed it most likely will play if opened.

As for this copy, it is a graded sealed copy of a test market run.

rainslacker1632d ago

I understand collecting and collectors fine. But, as a collector, I expect to buy products in good condition. One aspect of good condition is that it actually works.

I know there is no way to tell without opening it, and it's just the nature of the beast. When I say it's a problem, I don't mean I wouldn't buy sealed copies, just that it's a drawback of buying sealed copies.

TFJWM1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

"I understand collecting and collectors fine. But, as a collector, I expect to buy products in good condition. One aspect of good condition is that it actually works.

I know there is no way to tell without opening it, and it's just the nature of the beast."

You are not a collector because you never know about a sealed copy and if you buy one you will never open it if you are really a collector...

I have every game I ever bought since the 2600 but I don't think of myself as a collector I played them all(mostly).

Sitdown1632d ago

Yeah, you definitely don't really understand collecting. If you buying a sealed copy of something to keep, you don't really care if it works.

andyo131632d ago

I don’t think the value in this product is whether or not it works. It’s never ever going to be opened. Who ever opens it will immediately cause its value to drop by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Fist4achin1632d ago

True, plus the old NES consoles didn't hold up well. By the time I traded mine in for a Genesis, I had to use another game cartridge to place on top to keep the one I'm playing down.

I wasn't particularly hard on my stuff either.

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roadkillers1632d ago

This was a test copy, only known existing version. The expect said around 300,000 - 500,000.

isarai1632d ago

Last known one sold for 100,000, still nowhere near the $1,000,000 mark

ChrisW1633d ago

Proof that ultra rich people are actually quite stupid...

kayoss1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Or they have too much money and don’t know what to do with it. Let be honest, there’s only a few reason why they’re rich in the first place.
1. Inheritance
2. Investment (must be smart)
3. They’re very smart to have their own business.

andyo131632d ago

They’re actually not. There’s a reason why the rich delve into buying expensive art, classics, jewellery and collectables. What is your money doing every day? Falling in value. What is this ultra rare game doing? Going up in value.

Bnet3431632d ago

Ultra broke people are even worst. I used to know people who stayed broke and kept blowing money on drugs. There's people that blow money on $1000 clothing items and go on Instagram to flex but stay working a 9 - 5 for $10 an hour lol. BIG TRUSS.

Ninjamonkey821633d ago

Chancing his arm, i'd like a sealed copy for my collection but at that price nah.