Left 4 Dead Gold, Pre-Loading Now

Valve Press Release
"The Infection Begins Next Week

November 13, 2008 - Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Counter-Strike) and leading technologies (Steam and Source), today announced its upcoming zombie thriller, Left 4 Dead, has gone gold and is now pre-loading to those who pre-purchased the game via Steam.

Left 4 Dead is the new survival action game from Valve for the PC and Xbox 360 that blends the social entertainment experience of multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress with the dramatic, narrative experience made popular in single player action game classics such as the Half-Life series of games.

Those who pre-order the game via Steam save 10% off the regular price and may pre-load the game so they are able to play at 12:01 am EST on November 18, 2008 when the game is made available.

The pre-order discount is also available for both the PC and 360 versions at participating retail outlets.

Playable in single player, co-operative, and multiplayer modes, Left 4 Dead is one of the most anticipated releases of 2008 and winner of numerous pre-launch awards, including Best of E3 from multiple outlets. The official demo for the game is available now through November 17 for the PC and Xbox 360."

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solar3722d ago

pre loading now. woot woot. this will be a sleeper hit. mark my words.

TheIneffableBob3722d ago

I think it'll sell quite well. Pre-orders for it are well above what they had for The Orange Box.

solar3722d ago

did you see the Orange Juice screenie with "94% More Juice" from L4D? a play on how many more pre orders for L4D then TOB? priceless.

TheIneffableBob3722d ago

There are a bunch of easter eggs in L4D. :D

In the demo alone, you can see TF2 cereal, Scout pills, a Counter-Strike reference, and Dr. Breen.

dxmnecro3722d ago

The demo is nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

thebudgetgamer3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

im only debating if i should get it for the pc or wait till next year when i buy a 360


TheIneffableBob3722d ago

Definitely get it for PC. The mods are already rolling in and the game hasn't even been released yet.

El_Colombiano3722d ago

You should get every 360 game on PC.

omni_atlas3722d ago

Yep, getting it for the PC. Pre-loading as we speak. Thats why I think the PS3 + PC = best of all. Most xbox 'exclusives' (or what fanboys like to think of them as) aren't really exclusives as they are also available on the PC. Gears made it over to the PC, and I betchya Gears 2 will probably do the same down the line.

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mesh13722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

THIS GAME IS AMAZING AND SEEMS VERY LONG WITH 3 CAMPAIGNS after playing the demo on xboxlive IM buying this game on the 360 day 1 wow gears 2 ,fable 2,left for dead,all aaa exclusive 360 games wow amamzing playing them all this winter .
trolls above me haha no matter how much you try and make your self fell beter 90% of people will get the 360 version as it always is and ybh the 360 is such a powsrfull console that most game look like pc games tbh not much defference only resolution and alisasing .

Obama3722d ago

360 exclusive? Explain Why I am playing the game on my pc? lol

Shaka2K63722d ago

Another exclusive flop for xbug 3rd60 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poos33722d ago

jhey shaka gametrailers is that way son ->

JonahFalcon3722d ago

Sort old news. I preloaded a few hours ago. ;)

Bolts3722d ago

For the PC. LOL. I'm sorry but its true. I would not buy this game for the 360, you'll end up being nickle and dimed to death on stuff that Valve gives away for free to the PC users. Plus all the latest patches and updates happen on the PC first.