Death Stranding's Online Functionality Is Both Brilliant and Helpful

The Death Stranding online functionality is deeper than what people think, and will make you appreciate how there are still good people online.

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Nitrowolf29d ago

you know, I won't say it's new but it def added a whole layer of gameplay for me. Love going back to an area that took a while to get through only to see the connected system built roads, generators, zip lines, ect.
gotta love those generators, running out of battery after a long trip only to see one so close

Hardiman9d ago

My favorite part! I can't count how many times my ass has been saved by tools and structures others have left or built. I return the favor and we keep going!

excaliburps9d ago

I think that's the main point, no? Glad people aren't being dicks about it.

PhilSpinter9d ago

That’s the thing, you will occasionally find an a$$hole who left a vehicle parked in front of a station, making you waste time in some “timed” deliveries and also the dumb player who placed a zip line in the very edge of a cliff, if by any reason you dismount that zip line..... You’re dead meat.

P_Bomb9d ago

Try turning the camera around so you dismount the opposite direction from the cliff. If I’m unsure I hold R2/L2 while dismounting to give myself some extra balance. There was one bad placement by a lab lady near the end that I just had to say #%^* it and build my own. On the ground lol!

Hardiman9d ago

Absolutely and it's a breath of fresh air how much everyone works together and actually help each other.

rainslacker9d ago

Putting the zip lines near the edge of a cliff makes some sense since they're higher points in the terrain which makes them easier to get line of sight for better networks. I put all my zip lines as high up as I can get, as far away as I can get from the next one in the network, or as close to the destination points as I can.

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Nitrowolf29d ago

it's how I felt, I actually went out my way to help build the roads for other because I loved how convenient it made things

Hardiman9d ago

Oh man rebuilding roads is awesome! Like you said it makes things so much better and if you are on an overpass part of the road the Mule tracker won't detect you!

PhilSpinter9d ago

I’m 2 trophies shy of the Plat, and loving every min of it, 140hrs plus and counting;)

Hardiman9d ago

Hell yea get that platinum!

SyntheticForm9d ago

Got mine when the earn percentage was 0.5, and no, I didn't rush the game. I also built damn near the entire road from Mountain Knot close to Lake Knot.

rainslacker9d ago

I just wish more people would donate to building the roads and setting up zip-line networks.:) Otherwise, I love coming across those little things that make getting somewhere easier. Like I would fall down into a crevasse, and not see a way up for a while either way, so I'd walk around then come across a ladder or rope and save me a lot of time. Ladders across rivers are pretty handy a lot of the time too.

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Knushwood Butt9d ago

I still don't understand how the online works.

Exactly who gets to see stuff you built?

Also, there are things I have built that I'm sure would get at least a few likes, but when I go back to them a day or so later they are still on zero likes, so nobody can see them, or just coincidence?

There are also road sections I have extended but after going back other people are getting the likes for it...

Nitrowolf29d ago (Edited 9d ago )

other get likes for them because they end up contributing more. it works off contribution for ownership. You may have started it, but someone else gained ownership when they contributed more

not everything gets used, itjust means players arent using ur stuff

Knushwood Butt9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yeah but there are road extensions where I have easily contributed more if not 100% but after creation if I go to look at the likes on the roadside unit itself it is someone else getting them, not me.

Also, I put a rain shelter next to a road in a good spot, and they get an auto-like if someone just stops under it, but still zero likes... If I thought it was useless I wouldn't have bothered to put it there in the first place.

Rude-ro9d ago

It is timed per your progress.
You can also yell out and if a player is in your area per their gameplay, they will yell back... creating that feeling of connection.
Finding or seeing lost packages can really connect you as you play.. as in, you want to help that person out either by completing their delivery or by putting it into the system for others to do so.

So as you reach the point per the things you can leave behind and do so, you’ll begin to see other structures.

It is intuitive And non ruining of your progression. As in, you will not load up the game and have everything made for you.

Knushwood Butt9d ago

Yeah, I know about the yelling, which is cool, and being able to see structures after establishing the link in that area, but I still don't get who sees your stuff. For example, you don't see stuff from millions of other people that are playing the game - just a select few, so how is it grouping these players together? I have a theory it does it based on start time of your playthrough and XXXX amount of other players, then groups you all in bins like that. That's why when you go back to the first area in the game it's clear there's practically no-one else 'there', just a load of rusting structures that nobody repairs (because There's nobody there to bother).

So the game really benefits the pioneers that build stuff early and make quick progress through the story.

Just my theory.

P_Bomb9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I’m not entirely sure either, but there’s definitely a ceiling in place for the instances you can access. Somebody in end game will see the most structures from the most people. Somebody not at the zipline chapter won’t even know they exist. They’ll never see one. They’ll probably never see the interstate I solo paved last week until they get to that point themselves and chiral connect the area.

It definitely cycles though. I’ve reloaded saves and seen my surrounding structures completely change (save for the ones in my favourites). Night and day. With that many multiverse structures out there, could just be unlucky with the likes we’re in. My monster zipline network doesn’t get near as much love as my roads despite being infinitely better imho. Perhaps it’s because they’re so fast, no one stops to click. I have one MVP goalpost up on a peak that connects to like 5 others I kid you not! Curious how many likes that one will have now. And my interstate. Haven’t checked since last week.

My second biggest wish (after auto-repairing structures directly from my supply reserve instead of one by one by one) would be to add friends to my followed favorites. So my actual PSN friend list could see my stuff and vice versa. Like if I wanna leave you a tier 3 all terrain and six pack of PCC2’s with some metal and resin, I could.

Knushwood Butt9d ago

@ P_Bomb

Now that you mention it you are definitely right about the cycling. I too have reloaded a previous save and seen different things, but I only noticed that the signs were different. Not certain about the structures, but they do seem tied to me / persistent.

P_Bomb9d ago

There’s a shoreline I was at closer to the end (near the geologist, BT area on one side Mule camp on the other) where I reloaded a save after messing up my gear too much trying to get one insignificant ladder over a stream. So I reloaded and let me tell ya. All of a sudden I saw zipline goalposts where there were none before, three bridges, supply pods, two trucks , timefall what happened lol! Only knock was the safe house that had been there before was gone. So I built my own from scratch. As luck would have it, one of the new supply pods nearby had all the materials I needed. Needless to say I stayed in that particular multiverse ;)

Knushwood Butt9d ago

I think it is correct about structure variation when reloading from a previous save point, but even so, the historical ones seem to remain. For example, I'm around 70 hours in but if I Fragile jump back to the K2 area the same old structures made by other players are still there, getting rusty. It's like the game locks historical stuff in at some point.

Anyway, I just find it interesting trying to figure this stuff out.

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rainslacker9d ago

I think it's instanced to some degree. So you don't have hundreds of thousands of players all assigned to the same persistent world. This prevents there being way too many created structures or tools on the map. I imagine if you stay active, it will keep you in that instance for a period of time. I dunno if you're structures will drop off, outside those that just get damaged due to time fall, but I think that the roads stay as they seem to take a really long time to be damaged enough to decay. One I made 5 days prior was still at 98% when I checked it on Sunday. Lost packages seem to be the same, but as far as I can tell, there are hundreds of players in a single instance.

It's possible that you get shifted around to different instances, but it's likely based on when you log in just to remain as persistent as possible.

At least, that's how I assume it works. It makes the most sense and how I would probably set it up myself.

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Sm00thNinja9d ago

Agreed I hope other games incorporate this in the future. Fallout 76 could learn a thing or two

Christopher9d ago

Coming soon to Fallout 1st subscribers.

Sm00thNinja9d ago

😂😂😂 28514; you kid but...

rainslacker9d ago

I hear it will work after the update due to release at a vaguely defined date after the feature is first implemented sometime after they announce the Fallout 2nd premium super shelter screwyouoverevenmore subscription service, only available to a select few....those few being the few people who would actually pay.

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