PlayStation Store Sale “End of Year Sale” Now Live, Here Are the Games

Check out the hundreds of games discounted. Full list of games with straight to store links in the credit link.

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isarai9d ago

Agents of Mayhem for $4 seems well worth a shot

RememberThe3578d ago

I bought it when it was $5 and immediately regretted it.

isarai8d ago

Eh, so far after about 3hrs it's not great, but im not necessarily having a BAD time. Seems like just a simple time killer ill play if i got nothing else to play.

GameBoyColor9d ago

Oh boi, boutta nab that adventure time game for my ps4 pro

Italiano12345679d ago

I have mostly everything. Might try extinction though. Not good reviews but for 5 bucks it doesnt really matter.

Izanagi018d ago

its a decent game with fun gameplay definitely worth 5 bucks, i got to be number 1 on the leader board for the daily skirmish, PSN:Laviathan01 , got the plat and moved on

PlayableGamez-9d ago

And next week is The Game Awards sale.

sprinterboy9d ago

Then Xmas sales, then boxing day sale, then end of year sale, then January sales lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.