October NPD software data - Fable II sells 790,000 for top spot

1. Fable II (Microsoft, 360) - 790K
2. Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) - 487K
3. Fallout 3 (Bethesda, 360) - 375K
4. Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii) - 290K
5. Wii Play (Nintendo, Wii) - 282K
6. Saints Row 2 (THQ, 360) - 270K
7. SOCOM: Confrontation (Sony, PS3) - 231K
8. LittleBigPlanet (Sony, PS3) - 215K
9. NBA 2K9 (THQ, 360) - 202K
10. Dead Space (EA, 360) - 193K

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happyface3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Little Big Planet failed - 200 k ?

for the most hyped ps3 exclusive?

no ps triple owners wanted it after all ?

(Fallout came out AFTER Litte Planet...)

PirateThom3628d ago

The problem wasn't that people don't want it, it's Sony completely killed every single ounce of hype it had with the delay.

TheHater3628d ago

So a game fail because it didn't sell 200K in two days?
If you are going to be a fanboy, then at least have some common sense before making any posts.

happyface3628d ago

This was supposed to be the game that sold PS3s to casuals

fallout 3 had less days than Little Planet too

cant be the sales are so low for a good with reviews that high and so many ps3 owners had it hyped for HUGE system seller

Aclay3628d ago

LittleBigPlanet came out a few days before the end of October and I'm sure the LittleBigPlanet delay had an affect on the sales that it could have had in total for October. LittleBigPlanet was on store shelves for just a few days in October.

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green3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Wasn't FALLOUT 3 released on the 28th as well? Yet the 360 version of Fallout outsold LBP by 150,000.

Lets just face facts,Sony seriously screwed up the marketing of that game.I live in the UK and just returned from a 2 hour session at my local gym 50 minutes ago and while i was there i heard commercials for Fable 2,gears 2 and quantum of solace for xbox 360 and not one for PS3.

omodis4203628d ago

I bought LBP. This is a game that will pick up in sales over time. Just wait till it gets big on youtube.

Megaton3628d ago

That delay really did a great job of killing the hype. Just using Amazon as an example, it was in the top 5 for several days about a week before launch, then they announced the delay. Within 24 hours it dropped out of the top 10 and never reached it again.

That combined with Sony's complete and utter inability to understand how important advertising is (especially in America, where you're currently getting your ass handed to you by the king of over-advertising) killed LBP's sales. I'd be mighty pissed if I were Media Molecule. Spending years creating a superb title worthy of GOTY awards, only to watch it sputter and burn in terms of sales thanks to Sony fumbling.

Sarcasm3628d ago



Sony's most biggest mistake for LBP was delaying the game. Killed off the momentum and any hype for the game. Pre-order's were canceled, and other games were bought.

And yes, Sony are a bunch of brain dead zombies when it comes to advertising their game.

Still, 215k in 3 days is not bad. Guess we'll have to see how much it "flops" in November.

Shame on you Sony.

Megaton3628d ago

I'm not one of those people who call every game that doesn't sell 10 million a flop, but for a title that is nothing short of phenomenal, reaching low 6-digit sales figures days after launch is pretty bad. Someone dropped the ball, and didn't even try to pick it back up. The advertising is still dismal, and figures from last week say it didn't even crack 1 million yet.

Tony P3628d ago

Well, the figures speak for themselves right now. I'm glad to see Fallout 3 high up there. LBP should have been higher, I agree. Of all the so termed 'excuses' the only one I have ever agreed with is the marketing. LBP still has little to no hype with the casual market from where I sit in sunny California so I'm not surprised at the relatively lacklustre showing.

215k isn't bad at all, but it's not the overwhelming success I was hoping for, personally.

jaysquared3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

"Still, 215k in 3 days is not bad. Guess we'll have to see how much it "flops" in November. "

215k in 3 days is a big flop for LBP when every Sony and its fanboys on this site were hyping it up like the second coming of christ. Delay or not if somebody really really really wanted this game they could've just waited another week! Funny many Sony fans were defending the delay as not a big deal since it was only a week. Now you guys are saying the hype was killed off by the delay! I thought it wasn't a big deal since it was only a week delay! The delay didn't kill off the hype! Sony created the hype every Sony fanboy bought into the hype but the mass market were smarter than that! So there was really not hype or excitement for this game other than Sony and its fans. Seriously though what kind of a parent would buy a $399 console for their 10 year old kid so that they can play LBP?

Monchichi0253628d ago

Is that your LBP ball on the floor? Cuz I think you dropped it!

Billabong3628d ago

Considering LBP is a new game, and the hype-killing delay.. I think it did pretty good for 2 days. It's also just the results from NA isn't it, so it may have done really well elsewhere.

Good for Fable 2 doing so well, looks like a great game to follow from the first.

Mozilla893628d ago

The average 360 owner is a hardcore gamer that gets games the first day plus a bigger install base. PS3 owners tend to buy their games slowly, so LBP will sell consistently over a longer period of time as opposed to selling huge the first few weeks and then dropping off. Eventually LBP will hit the Greatest Hits mark.

In fact the only exclusive that sold huge the first week was MGS4 but its obviously not the only successful game on the system.

callahan093628d ago

It doesn't matter how many copies of LittleBigPlanet were sold on the first day, the first week, the first month, even the first year.

The game is going to have legs. It will never sell a million in one like Gears of War, Fallout, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Madden, etc. It's a game that will sell consistently and well for a good couple of years at least. When all is said and done, I think it'll at least surpass Metal Gear Solid 4 and others and be the highest selling PS3 exclusive.

jaysquared3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

It has legs right... Keep bring up the excuses Sony fanboys but we all know those are very bad numbers for LBP. Many Sony fans were proclaiming the same thing when MGS4 sold 770k during its first months and I dont even see MGS4 on the list and I think MGS4 would have more legs than LBP.. And I love all the excuses PS3 fans are now saying when everyone of you guys were proclaming LBP was going to sell like hotcakes!

edit-I just saw how bad Socom did as well.. Just a little more than LBP and it was released in the beginning of october! Wow.. PS3 owner must not like games!

Billabong3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I agree Mozilla and callahan, it will sell a lot but not millions in its first week. I guess we just have to see the results for November to see where LBP is as we couldn't see much of it in October.

As I said before, games like Gears 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Halo 3.. they all have a fanbase around them as they're sequels so ofcourse they're going to get great numbers straight away. As for MGS4, that has a very limited and dedicated set of fans.. with those games I would imagine a lot of people get it straight away or don't get it at all.

at above, I'd think that Socom would have a lot of online sales and not just be mainly physical sales. Also the LBP numbers were NOT bad! They may not have been chart topping but they sure weren't bad.. considering most gamers in America go for the shooters and violence (or 360 games :P) I'm pretty happy with its results.

squallheart3628d ago

I know i bought little big planet and man i was hooked. You know a game is special when u spend an hour at the intro where they are teaching u how to play just making funny faces and moving ure sack boy around. Me and the family where just laughing our rears off.

insane_cobra3627d ago


"The average 360 owner is a hardcore gamer that gets games the first day plus a bigger install base. PS3 owners tend to buy their games slowly, so LBP will sell consistently over a longer period of time as opposed to selling huge the first few weeks and then dropping off."

I don't doubt that LitleBigPlanet will have legs, just like Viva Pinata did, but I don't expect it to do huge numbers anymore (I expected anything from 2 to 4 million initially). The fact that LittleBigPlanet got outsold by SOCOM Confrontation only goes to show that the average PS3 owner is a hardcore gamer as well. Not really that surprising considering the system's price point.

Alvadr3627d ago

You people really do amuse me.

I cant even begin to say where you are going wrong so I wont. HaHa

AAACE53627d ago

I think what happyface meant was, all during Julu,August and September... Fanboys kept going on and on about how 360 had nothing that would beat LBP and R2! And said that LBP would sell 1-2 million during it's first week, and that Ps3 owners would flock to it like crazy, and LBP and R2 would effective kill the 360!

Happyface's comment is on the fanboyish side, but HF is just trying to prove a point and is also showing other fanboys how they look claiming to know what people will be interested in!

I'm glad I predicted right! I believe I said LBP would sell 200,000-400,000 during it's launch window. I tried to tell fanboys that LBP may not be a game that everyone is interested in, and shouldn't get their hopes extremely high, but they didn't listen, and took my bubbles for telling them the truth.... Sad I tell you!

prowiew3627d ago

I hate when people says that lbp was supposed to sell to casuals. That could not be done on ps3 at $300 or $400 (not even sure the price right now). Picture this. Price drop for ps3 at the same day lbp come out and a heavy marketing. That was the perfect combination for sony but they waste it

nbsmatambo3627d ago

Didn’t LBP only come out on the 28th? And since when is 215k in 3 days bad??

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LittleBigKillzone3628d ago

LBP didnt come out until OCT 29th so it sold 215k in just 2 days, not that great but not terrible either

3628d ago
omodis4203628d ago

I'm surprised that Fallout 3 on PS3 didn't even crack the top 10.

Danja3628d ago

The Problem the ps3 is facinG right too much good comes out at one time..

what a difference a year makes..ehh ?

pimpinal883628d ago

I pre ordered my game from gamestop, and i only got it on the 27th, maybe the 28th. But I know from friends that they couldn't find the game anywhere, meijer, wal mart, best buy, you name it wasn't there.

read disc error3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Sorry, guys, it was out a whole week in October.

Read the comments for this thread. The article is time stamped. People were picking up their copies of LBP on October 25th. Stop making excuses and making up facts. It's pathetic.

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TOO PAWNED3628d ago

I am surprised by Socom numbers. Those are only Blue Ray version numbers, iit at least sold that much more through PSN download, which is reall amazing for game that had many bugs and flaws.
LBP sold 200k in two days and those were only pre orders.

ChampIDC3628d ago

Yeah, I'm surprised by its numbers. I guess the franchise just has enough followers that reviews won't sway them.

kevnb3628d ago

a few thousand people who actually care about reviews don't dictate sales.

Rekyyli3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

"LBP sold 200k in two days and those were only pre orders."

By using ur logic Gears 2 sold +2mil in one day and those were only pre orders.

Makes perfect sense.

LBP is a great game, but when u r selling "casual" game with the "hardcore" 399$ PS3 price tag, there could be a problem.

Saleswise: Too Human = LBP
Too pawned? Definitely.

IzKyD13313628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

hugely surprised Socom Confrontation sold that much despite the reviews, goes to show you how strong the Socom fanbase is...and to the 360 fanboys, before you bash LBP, remember that it was delayed and Fable 2 sold REALLY well.......also glad to see dead space make the list, I honestly though it would have gotten swept away with all these other games

dammit, I hate being banned from the gamer zone, I feel like the only people reading my comments are trolls lol

PirateThom3628d ago

I always read the Open Zone, so not to worry! :D

IzKyD13313628d ago

that makes me feel alot better : )

solidjun53628d ago

But for something really retarded. I called TWHIP "Twit" and I got banned for that while other commenters that post crap get through like OJ. Anyway, LBP sold 200K in 2 days. That's pretty good considering the delay. Socom sold quite quite well and they didn't even take account the Digital downloads. Fable II is a beast and it's pretty good game so i'm not suprised at the very least.

Captain_Sony3628d ago

Just deal with it and stop trying to justify it. I am sure that had it been a new 360 game or Wii game the very same people saying it isnt a failure would be calling it one then.I mean it barely outsold Wii music.. That is not exactly a success in anyones opinion other than fanboys so it looks like you guys are in the right spot.I for one am glad it sold poorly as it means less focus on casual kid friendly titles on PS3.

solidjun53628d ago

just shut up!
I bet if it was M$ who had a great game but sold decent in only 2-4 days, you wouldn't be saying that comment. You're glad it sold poorly. You're an idiot, not a gamer. Why would you want a good game to sell less. You want ninentdo wii to see less. I like everyone to enjoy games unlike you captain fanboy. Just curious, what account number is this one?

ravinshield3627d ago

you failed even when all the ps3 fangirls hyped you.hahaah

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3628d ago

Great numbers all around. The 360 software sales are crazy.