Xbox Live Marketplace: Update: Thursday 13th November 2008

Console Monster writes: "With days to go till the New Xbox Experience, Microsoft has added what can only be described as a load of new content for the Xbox Live Marketplace. From trailers to Dead Space content and gamer pictures to FIFA 09 commentaries, there's something for everyone. Here is the Xbox Live Marketplace update for Thursday 13th November 2008:

Name: Call of Duty: World At War Urban Warfare Trailer (HD)
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions except Germany and Japan

Name: Madagascar 2 Launch Trailer (HD)
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions

Name: Shaun White Snowboarding ESPN Trailer
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox Live Regions except Japan, Korea, Mexico and Taiwan..."

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nbsmatambo3678d ago

look at all those micro transactions =o

dericb113678d ago

I agree. They make it sound like this Update is loaded with free content. But really its Dead Space and Fifa add-on.

The Matrix3678d ago

While Xbox Live might have an small edge on PSN, I think PS Store has a small edge on XL Marketplace.

bouncybullet3678d ago


you're insane.
PS store updates one day a week.

Also the video "store" blows tremendously.
Every Movie should be available as a rental as well as purchase.

Who the F wants to buy Don't mess with the Zohan?

that movie should only be allowed as a rental.

The Matrix3678d ago

Bouncybullet - you don't have to insult me! That's my own personal opinion. I'm sorry if I offended you!

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I Call 9MM3678d ago

Wow, looks like EA is really trying to milk gamers with Dead Space there. All those downloads would cost like 30 dollars. I like additional content and all, but that is just too much. Almost as bad as Namco is. Any of those downloads just like 100 kb? Because that means they are just hiding on the disk, which is really terrible for publishers do.