Celebrating 25 Years of PlayStation

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original PlayStation.

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Nyxus6d ago

PS2 was my first PlayStation console, after that I bought PS3, PSP and PS4 at launch. I also bought a PS1 and Vita later on. And I've already placed my pre-order for the PS5, can't wait!

Jin_Sakai6d ago

PS1 was my first console. I’ve been a PlayStation gamer ever since. Can’t wait for PS5!

fiveby96d ago

Same.PS1 soon after release. I was actually late to the PS2 party as gaming too a back seat to family back then. But I've owned every Sony console and surely intend to buy a PS5 day 1.

VenomUK6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I’m looking forward to the PS5 celebrating 25 years of PlayStation with FULL backwards compatibility with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 discs and digital downloads so that they can be played in their original modes and with PS5 performance boost!

darthv726d ago

I bought saturn on saturnday but not long after I got the ps1. Games like ridge racer, philosoma, jumping flash... classics still to this day.

yoshatabi5d ago

Same. Well it wasn't my first. I had other older consoles before PS1. I stayed loyal when it did release though

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Donnie816d ago

You can pre order a ps5 right now?

Nyxus6d ago

In my country there are game two stores that offer pre-orders. I already paid a deposit of €50 in fact. I think there's a good chance stock will be scarce around release given the popularity of the PS4.

Donnie816d ago

Nyxus..... cool I could be wrong but I don’t think you can pre order one anywhere in the US yet

UltraNova6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


Its a pre-order with the store, sort of a deal between you and the store as a "promise" to get in on the day 1 list; its not a guarantee mind you. You can ask at local stores to see if they do this. My local store does it too.

OT: 25 years of PlayStation...what a ride... It took me some time to buy the ps1 (got it 1998) since I was deep in Nintendo land(N64) back then but once I did I never looked back. So many many more to come still.

Here's to another 25 years of PlayStation!

RpgSama6d ago

Atari 2600 was my first console, from there I had a NES, SNES, N64 but once I bought an original PlayStation with my first 2 games being Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII I could never go back.

Rhythmattic6d ago

Going back to the fun times !!
Hanimex Pong, Apple IIe, (The orig top down Castle Wolfenstien FTW) , NES, Megadrive, PS1, Then went PC/Mac gaming.. Quake with mods, like Urban terror... Soo fun... Dropped Console gaming, Saw a mate play MGS3 on a PS2 ? was impressed... Though didnt like Controllers, preferred M/K , But He talked me into the PS3 and a 360.. 360 didnt ge much use, I really had fun with the PS3, and pretty much dropped PC gaming.... Now a PS4 pro with VR, (Xbox just doesent do it for "Me", I find PS titles more to "my" taste), and I still have a capable gaming rig.. soooooo...
Def a fan of PS.... Cant wait to see what the PS5 will bring...

MrVux0006d ago

Hey Nyx, still having a blast with Death Stranding.

I don't usualy buy consoles day one. I wait a year tops, and then buy it.... but if the statements about full B/C are true, im really considering to get it day one.

Hardiman6d ago

Several months ago there was an article stating Sony was patenting some sort of emulator tech. It sounded like they are trying to get it to run all games. This was right before they announced PS5 would be BC.

Hardiman6d ago

Where can you pre order it? I'm ready!

Nyxus6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I ordered it in a Dutch game store, not sure about other countries.

Hardiman6d ago

I was premature on my comment because all I had to do is scroll down to the link you provided. Thanks for letting us know!

REDGUM6d ago

I didn't know you could pre order a ps5 so early on?
The full specs sheet isn't even out yet!

I'm curious as to weather it'll play 4k movies or above, in true 4k so i don't have to purchase something separately.

Regardless..... congratulations to Sony and PlayStation for all 25 years of entertainment.
Its been a blast and have definitely been happy with every console that I've brought.

Exvalos6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

34 dislikes, really disgusting for such a positive statement he made. Hmmm you preordered a ps5? No date, price point and no console shown.

mechlord5d ago

modded PS2 was my first, having been on pc prior mainly with SNES, and a bunch of Sega consoles... never looked back. Ps3 phat with bc , ps4, ps4pro and soon to be ps5. Life has been great.

ILostMyMind5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Atari was my first console. In my memory Mega Drive is the best console ever made. But I miss my AquaPlay.

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Fist4achin6d ago

Yea, Happy Anniversary! 25 is a big one. What are you going to do?!

2pacalypsenow6d ago

I hope they release a 25th anniversary console.

NobleRed6d ago

They will release a 25th anniversary PS4 Pro with 2tb.

ArmyVetGamer6d ago

Yes! What id really like to see is a slim ps4 pro with better heat output. I can run my slim pl4 all day long without a fan but the ps4pro will heat my room up so much even with a fan pointed at it. I really hope the ps5 has better cooling methods than the pro.

tucky6d ago

The latest ps4 pro cuh versions are really quiet... A huge difference with the first units

MasterCornholio6d ago

My God Of War PS4 Pro is pretty quiet. Maybe I just got lucky with my unit.

2pacalypsenow5d ago

The launch Pro's are notorious for having loud fans.

ArmyVetGamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Whoop Whoop... been playstation since FF7 and the original Twisted Metal 😁

Beforehand, i had a saturn and while the games werent too shabby, the sound quality was complete shit compared to the ps1.

tucky6d ago

Sound was CD quality on both... No difference on that level

ArmyVetGamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

You sir or maam are incorrect, at one point i owned both systems and could hear a huge difference side by side. Simply thinking just because they both ran on cds mean they both sound the same is ignorant at best when talking hardware or the differences between the 2.

Skip to around the 3 min mark and this guy spells it out perfectly. I was a huge street fighter fan back then (alpha 1, 2, and 3) and those games had total shit audio quality compared to the ps1... and dont even get me started on how bad the audio was playing a cd music disc on the Saturn 🤦‍♂️. Unless you were gaming around then and had both to compare, you really have no clue

Tucky above:

Ive never had an issue with the sound of the ps4 pro as i game with headsets, but i will admit it was loud until the rdr2 bundle, my issue has always been the heat output.