Falcom: Gamers In The West Are Moving Towards Nintendo Switch

Some interesting comments have been shared with us from Falcom, the developers of the Ys series, during an investor meeting.

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Knightofelemia9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

I still buy my rpgs on PS4 I haven't played an rpg on a Nintendo console since Chrono Trigger on SNES but the Switch changed that. I might start going to Nintendo more just do to the fact of Sony's censoring and that I had fun playing Link's Awakening in hand held mode. The new Pokemon game is also convincing me to start putting more rpgs on my Switch I did buy Tales of Vesperia for the Switch and had fun. Brought back many memories of rpgs I use to play on the SNES and on a Nintendo console.

Shiken9d ago

I pretty much get all my games on Switch due to portability. Not every gamer is going to have the same needs as me, but it was a game changer in my case.

I still have a PS4 Pro so I can play the games that do not come to it as well, but I pretty much spend 80% of my time on Switch these days. And this is coming from someone who's last Nintendo console was the N64.

indysurfn8d ago

Wow, I can play trails of cold steel and pause that long boss fight just buy putting it to sleep? I'm in! There are already over 475 RPG's on the SWITCH! No wonder they are saying this. Come on falcom! Come on! (still publish it on PS4 too).

bluefox7558d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I'll eventually get a Switch when SMTV comes out, but until then, I can play all the rpgs on PC or PS4.

nitus108d ago

That's pretty much my experience as well, with (in its day) the SNES being my RPG console of choice, although to be fair there were quite a few RPG's on the Sega Megadrive (i.e. Sega Genesis for those in the USA).

Since I always have prefered RPG's as well as action-adventure games, when the PlayStation was brought out by Sony I jumped ship to that platform although I did hang on for the Nintendo64 and GameCube, however, on the release of the Wii I was well and truly in the Sony camp.

As a side note, I purchased Tails of Xillia for the PS3 and while I did like the game it has the dubious distinction of actually giving me RSI (I could not play another game for over three weeks) so that put me off playing any other "Tails" game. I have never got any RSI issues from playing any of the Souls games, Bloodborne, NioH (try the twilight missions - WOW!), .. etc.

ZeekQuattro9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Let's see some support then outside of Ys 8 a game where they acted like they didn't want to be bothered to port. It's like they hate money or something. Lol

Shiken9d ago

I am guessing Ys 8 might have sold better in the west when compared to the PS4 for a number of reasons. Japan already had a console and portable version, so it probably sold less there. Meanwhile in the west Ys sales are really not that high to begin with, so the PS4 release did not impress.

Then it gets released on the Switch during a dry summer, and people looking for Switch games to play snatch it up at a higher rate than when it launched previously on PS4.

It makes all to much sense with how they specified the "west", as Japan would have seen a lower sales figure for the Switch version while the opposite happened elsewhere. In any case, I expect a Ys IX port for Switch to be announced sometime early next year to follow the PS4 release due to this.

ZeekQuattro8d ago

They just announced Trails of cold steel 3 for the Switch so it's possible now.

Vits8d ago

They don't have the people make ports though. Falcom is a small indie studio that is normally working in two massive projects simultaneously. That is why they need NIS, XSeed and Aksys Games to port and localize their titles.

rainslacker8d ago

I wouldn't really call them a small dev. They're actually one of the oldest game developers in existence. Wouldn't call them a really big developer, but they are by no means some podunk country studio. NIS, XSeed, and the rest aren't needed to port, they are just the publishers for Falcom, so they outsource the porting. Falcom got out of the publishing after the PC-Engine left the market, and their partnership with Hudson Soft and NEC ended.

ZeekQuattro8d ago

Falcom has been around since the 80's and has 50+ employees. Small indie dev they are not.

rainslacker8d ago

Even Ys 8 had a limited release physically. Kind of pissed me off since I didn't get it preordered and now it's like $80 new. Falcom has some half decent support for consoles, but they certainly do seem to prefer the handhelds.

Interloper8d ago

I play my Switch more than my PC and Xbox 1... the mobile functionality is just so useful to me since I can take it to work and enjoy it on my breaks and lunch. The fact I can literally put the thing to sleep and pick up right where I left off with just the press of a button is also very convenient. :)

Fritzwochel8d ago

The Switch is my main console too. I play 99% docked mode, though. I love the fact that it completely silent. Compared to my PS4 Pro which is loud as an vacuum cleaner.

ShadowWolf7128d ago (Edited 8d ago )

That... rather worryingly reads like they're misreading a sales trend of the end of the PS4's lifecycle and the middle of the Switch's life cycle and interpreting it as if they were concurrent launches and competitors.

Really hope that's not the case but it kinda sounds like it.

Ripsta7th8d ago

i bought Ys 8 but it seemed weird idk the animations need more work

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