Bleeding Edge is like Overwatch meets Power Stone

Bleeding Edge is the upcoming character-based arena fighter from developer Ninja Theory, and it looks really cool.

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mynameisthumper568d ago a great headline o.o. Here's hoping this is true!

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Gazondaily568d ago

I cant wait for this. MP goodness just how I like it 😎

gamer7804568d ago

I'm not really a fan of the character designs on this game... just can't do it. I guess it will be free on gamespass or something at least.

ChunkyChicken568d ago

Finding it hard to get excited for this one. Thank God for game pass?

Godmars290568d ago

Thank god for being manipulated into playing anything and everything shoved in your face, eroding your ability to discern quality or personal preferences?

ChunkyChicken568d ago

It’s bad for me to give a game a chance because I have access to it? Just because I’m not hyped for it doesn’t mean I’m not going to pass up the chance to give it a go. Jesus Christ man

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Christopher568d ago

Man, harshest "play fewer games because that's what gamers do" argument on here.

If it costs them no extra to play it because they have Gamepass, or XBL Gold, or PS+, then why not try it out? Why must they only play games that they would normally pay $60 for? Does that mean waiting on a deep sale is also "eroding your ability to discern quality or personal preferences?"

I just don't get your comment there Godmars290. You're associating having a Gamepass subscription with just this one title when that's just not how it works. Heck, I have Gamepass because they allowed me to convert it over from my normal XBL Gold sub (why wouldn't I upgrade something for only $1?). I paid $1 to have access to more even though I already paid for less. But, if I try out Bleeding Edge or another game on there that I normally wouldn't I'm "eroding my ability to discern quality or personal preferences" and not "trying games that cost me nothing to try that perhaps I didn't know I would like but also would make me more informed on these games in general?"

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Godmars290568d ago


I don't like the direction MS is going because they're tone deaf as far a gaming is concerned. The over emphasis they place on online multiplayer. Now they're putting all of their multiplayer titles on a general access platform. If they only continue making MP, all of its going to bleed together into on big multiplayer blob.

gangsta_red567d ago (Edited 567d ago )


You seem to be missing the point or trying very hard to not understand it. There are more than MP titles on Game Pass, a lot of single player games.

If you don't like MS offerings then try the other games that appear on Game Pass.

You're making up your own delimma that has zero to do with anything relevant.

" If they only continue making MP, "

Who said they were only making MP games? Where are you getting your sources from?

"Now they're putting all of their multiplayer titles on a general access platform"

Could you make less sense?

"..all of its going to bleed together into on big multiplayer blob."

I guess you can make even less sense.

Godmars290567d ago

You don't understand that most if not all of those SP titles are ones that MS bought into or otherwise made a deal to get them on Game Pass. Are not in-house or 2nd party commissions. Don't get that Game Pass is similar to the mobile gaming model, and the mobile gaming model heavily impacts the design mentality of games on it.

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FunAndGun568d ago

Have a good time Xbox players, this looks like fun! If it is anything like Powerstone, that is a plus for sure.

Chevalier568d ago

Looks more like Anarchy Reigns to me.

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