Looking Back to 2004 and the Dark Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Edgar writes: "Back in the early 2000s, Prince of Persia was the franchise to beat. Parkour-like traversal, intricate puzzles and intense combat: what's not to like? Earning flattering review scores and numerous awards, The Sands of Time established itself as the prime action-adventure game. But how does one follow up something so flawless? Two words: Warrior Within."

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rockwhynot687d ago

This game was really hard! It took me over a year to beat and one of my friends just couldn't do it. I wish I'd known at the time about getting all the collectables in order to kill the Dahaka.

KaaF687d ago

That game was pretty unique, the Dahaka is one of the best bosses in video games ever, the battle mechanics really felt like aerobics.

vTuro24687d ago

Loved the Prince of Persia games, hope they'll make a return some day.

Fist4achin687d ago

Yes. I was going to say there hasn't been any POP entries in a long time.

wwinterj687d ago

I'd even settle for another remaster of the old games.

cochise313687d ago

This was my favorite one. Still have it for the gamecube.

ShockUltraslash687d ago

This is the best combat system made by Ubisoft.

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The story is too old to be commented.