PS4 Remote Play Is A Lot Better Now

If you've wanted to stream PS4 games to your tablet or smartphone, but you've not wanted to go through the misery of on-screen controls, good news!

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knifefight8d ago

Well there was nowhere to go but up.

crazyCoconuts8d ago

I don't know what you mean. I had remote play working well on my Vita years ago playing on my PS4 hundreds of miles away and it was working great as long as the network is solid. I know people that successfully play PS4 FPS games on their Mac and have reported it being great as well. Remote play works locally, remotely, on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Plus, there's Shareplay on PS4 that Steam has just started emulating. It's been pretty good in my opinion

darthv728d ago

I think he is referring to the expansion of additional devices. Previously RP was limited to certain ones (like vita and even psp) and now they have added some others. PSNow is going to be doing the same thing and expanding its reach as well. So yeah... it really had nowhere to go but up.

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PS4Gamer19848d ago

As a Stadia, Xcloud and PS4 remote play user, PS4 remote play is amazing and hands down the best. I wanted to like Xcloud so much but the input lag and 720p kills it for me. Trying to play Gears 5 multiplayer on Xcloud makes me want to throw my phone across the room. In order from best it goes PS4 remote play, Stadia then Xcloud. PS4 remote play is such an amazing feature. Love playing COD MW on my iPad Pro, looks and runs phenomenal

Neonridr8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I mean it sort of depends on where you are using your Remote Play. I'd take 720p over a tiny Vita screen with the lack of additional shoulder buttons and stuff.

Now if you are Remote Playing on say a PC, that is completely different and I have done that on many an occasion.

PS4Gamer19848d ago

PS4 Remote play looks amazing on pixel 4, smaller screen but looks great because smaller screens means better PPI. It also looks great on the big iPad pro screen.

Neonridr8d ago

@PS4Gamer1984 - again, not a Vita. Which is what I was specifically referring to. Why would i want to play on such a small screen over say a PC if that was available?

BlackDoomAx7d ago

COD on remote play ? Even the tiniest input lag makes it unplayable...

Shikoku8d ago

I cant use remote play with out wifi so no thanks.

SonyStyled8d ago

You can. I’ve been doing wired remote play for 4 years now on the vita tv. Much cheaper than a smartphone, pc, tablet etc. I think I paid $40 for it. Last I saw they were $20 and now I don’t even think they are produced anymore

Shikoku8d ago

No you cant Ive tried. Who the hell does remote played wired? Why would do that? Defeats the purpose of what its supposed to be.

Shikoku8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

No you cant if you're away from home on a mobile device you cant use it with out wifi why are people so damn thick.

Hardiman8d ago

Hey Shikoku it's both. You can use it remotely or you can play it wired if you have to. Those are options and options are good! So the name Remote Play is apropos!

Ju8d ago

Are you trying to say, a cell phone connection will allow you to actually "play" a game? Ya, good luck with that. XCloud sucks with that, not even going to try with Stadia. 60fps 1080p requires a wire. Simple.

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rainslacker8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Yeah you can. My ps4 is wired. Dont even have my wifi info saved on the system.

I use remote play on a wired pc or laptop at home and at work. Use remote play on the PSTV in the bedroom, which has a wired connection. On the client, you just select to connect locally last I checked.

Remote play has always worked well for me wherever I tried it, with the exception of when I had a crap home wifi network which had a spotty connection.

Shikoku8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Jesus you people. The whole point of remote play was to beable to play away from home over mobile connection you can no longer do that it defeats the purpose of trying to use something called remote play if I need a damn hard line connection why is this so hard for people to understand. Again let me say this I dont know where the hell you work or do but anywhere Ive ever worked you'd be fired for 1 adding an unapproved program to a desktop and two playing games on your workstation.

Knushwood Butt8d ago

I have a PSTV but never tried that. Must give it a try.

rainslacker8d ago

Remote play started as a way to play on other PS devices. Mobile devices weren't added in until much later. You can play on any connection so long as it has enough bandwidth and the lag isn't too bad. Even a mobile connection if it's suitable. The software doesn't differentiate between a wired or wifi/mobile connection. It's just a internet connection as far as it's concerned.

Don't get mad at people saying that we're defeating the purpose of remote play when you actively say things that simply aren't true. If you're mobile connection isn't good enough for remote play, which is what I'm assuming you were meaning rereading your original comment, then I hate to tell you this, but none of the other streaming or remote play services are going to be any better for you.

As far as the work place environment, sucks to be you I guess. Set up your device to use your mobile data if you want. If you have no other way to connect to the internet, I fail to see what you're griping about, because that's not a remote play issue, that's a accessibility issue on your end.

Ju8d ago

He's just reiterating markting bubbles. Input lag on XCloud is so bad - you can't play any racing games. It's kinda weird, really. Why racing games? The rest kinda works. I tried this on a cell network - no, it isn't playable, forget it. It does a decent job on WiFi. Remote Play on a 5GHz Wifi on a cell phone is acceptable, if you play it on a PC (from a Pro) you want a wire. For the "being away from home"...I am still not a big fan of a phone version. Phones are simply too small. You can't get anything bigger than 6.5" on a controller clamp, and if so, I rather go with a laptop 14"+.

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darthv728d ago

I think you are confusing things Shikoku. In an ideal home network environment, all stationary devices would be connected to the network via ethernet cables. Obviously the only ones that would not would be portable devices (phone / tablet / vita). so in a wired home network you have all the main devices connecting at a faster hardwire connection while the portables would be wireless. So a PS4 could serve up gaming via a wired connection to the wireless devices over the home wifi as well as if you take your portable some place else and can connect back to your home network.

It sounds like you have something blocking your access to your home network outside. Perhaps you did not set the firewall rules correctly?

CrimsonPheonix8d ago

This is is just old news about the update to all android phones, but you still can't use the controller unless its android 10 which 0.003% of devices are running

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