Gamespot: Call of Duty: World at War review.

Gamespot writes: "Call of Duty: World at War is a lot like its predecessor, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In most respects, this is a good thing. The guns are tightly tuned, the tone is gritty and mature, and the action is exciting and fast-paced.

It boasts the same addictive multiplayer system as Modern Warfare, and even expands the multiplayer possibilities by allowing four players to play through the campaign cooperatively. Like every game in the series before Modern Warfare, this Call of Duty takes place during World War II.

World at War does an admirable job of spicing things up, but between the well-worn source material and déjà vu game mechanics, there is a pervasive familiarity to the game. Still, though World at War lacks the freshness that made Modern Warfare such a hit, it nevertheless provides a hearty, filling meal--one that shooter fans are sure to savor."

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The solid reviews are enough to make me buy this game.

Cernunnos3653d ago

Hehe, hope you'll enjoy it. I wont buy it. As a highly ranked ladder-gamer on COD4 I'll just rather play that than a WWII skin.